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Functioning Diamond City Main Gate & Castle Armory Door (activator, scripting)


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Hello guys and gals!

I'm making a mod right now. It's a new world space with "The Castle"-based fortress-settlement area.

I've managed to use CastleArmoryDoor01 and DExtMainGateDoorAnim01 for castle walls.







It works but partially.


First CastleArmoryDoor01

Big thanks to Trosski for his tutorial how to make a craftable Castle Armory Door that can opened/closed without activator (Last door in the attached video is done by his guide). It's stuck after several times of interacting with it (maybe need to wait more time between opening/closing cycles or it's just by my side) but it works. In my case that door needs to open by activator (button for example) like shown in the first minutes of the video - it works only for first time when you open/close door. This is first problem that need to be solved.

Activator (button) has Default1StateActivator

and door has TwoStateWIthGlobalActivator with values that copied from vanila armory door.


Second is DExtMainGateDoorAnim01

It's Diamond City's main gate door and it has only openning animation. Of course will be great to invert opening animation and add it to object but for the begining it's enought to has just two states OPENED and CLOSED (and animation for opening) because once you opened the gate you need to leave area for gate to be closed. This is second problem.

For this door I used standart Default2StateActivator like used by developers in Red Rocket garage door or DoorGarageDecoActivator01. It works fine and didn't never stuck when I tested it.

Default2StateActivator with default values don't work with CastleArmoryDoor for me.


I'm very bad at the scripting and know nothing about scripts in Creation Kit and hope this thread will hint with help of other good people how to figure out what values for activator needs to get this doors work correctly.

I'll try to find more information and keep my testing vith values but if someone has solution or advice and thoughts - it will be great!

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