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Any good cum mods?

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Hello, I have been searching for a good cum replacer for skyrim, I have tried "Sexlab cum textures remake" and I loved it, but I want another one where you get a nice bukkake on the face or on the body. I have looked everywhere on the web but all I get is mods I have already seen, such as cum on clothes or sexlab cumshot does anyone know any other mod? thanks in advance :)

(English is not my native language so please forgive my horrible grammar).

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Just now, WaxenFigure said:

Perhaps you didn't understand my post?  I didn't put it here and the author of the post didn't post it here, a moderator moved it here despite it's adult content.

Yeah I got that... I just don't see why a moderator would move it to non adult? Maybe it was a mistake.

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Download GIMP and do what I did - copy and paste and rotate and scale and whatever else to make it look good. Obviously it would replace the existing cum layer, but it works.


I've never been satisfied with the existing facials to be honest - sometimes there's just not enough cum, especially if there's an NPC/PC that's being a slut.


Since it's a personal edit of someone elses work, I'm not distributing it anywhere, just for personal use, but editing in GIMP is the easiest way to get what you want. I've done the same with the WickedWhims facials ((Sims 4)) and produced an okay result 

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