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Cataclysm : Dark Days Ahead lovers mod?!

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Hail sweet pervs!
The question is a simple one! 
Has anyone managed to add some spicy little interactions on this gem of a game?
Saddly i'm no coder, really bad at it, so ii can only ask, maybe help with sprites if needed! 
But, with that, i ask again, anyone know of any mods to add some more, spicy interactions?

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8 hours ago, saviliana said:

do you still got the file? I think CDDA website had that version being pull off form download page.


I've just tested it on the latest experimental build and it works. Build 10989, or version 0.E-5746-g424c21e.
According to one source it even works as far back as build 10614, with a few minor skippable errors.

I recommend getting the launcher, as the site that has the releases isn't up to date it seems, only hosting up to 0.E-2, or they don't host experimental versions, up to 0.E-5, which the launcher allows you to get. Do note that save compatibility across large version jumps is not guaranteed.

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No, this mod does not seem to work at all on the stable version E.0-3 Ellison-3 (10478), [the game will give off errors and crash], but it does seem to work with the experimental builds, [I have got it to work with no errors on build 2021-06-16-0900, as well as the version before that]

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I just reinstalled CDDA and wanted to see if this mod will still work, I'm on the latest experimental build but when I want to make a new character, I get this error:


 DEBUG    : Error: Json error: data/mods/Reproduction mod/entities.json:29:23: tried to start object, but found '[', not '{'

    "path_settings": { "max_dist": 10 },
    "fear_triggers": [ "SOUND", "FRIEND_ATTACKED" ],
    "death_function": [
                        "NORMAL" ],
    "special_attacks": [  ],
    "flags": [

 FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
 FILE     : src/main_menu.cpp
 LINE     : 858
 VERSION  : b69f4b0

I don't know anything about coding, I tried to mess with this line in the JSON a little bit but I'm not getting anywhere lmao, lmk if Im maybe missing anything or something.

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