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Position Back, front, BJ what ever


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Did not know just how to title this thread, but does anyone have a number breakdown of positions.


as in


Back attack, doggy style.

BJ, Blow job.


on side.

face sitting.

Animal front, back.

Creature front, back.


so on, and so on.


Originally the first 10 numbers corresponded to these position's, and this made it very easy to do a check in scripting or dialog result box for which attack was being done. which was extremely helpful when trying to apply new dialog, or events during the sex act.



it would be nice to have a break down of the Position numbers, and there corresponding type of attack.


I know the INI does this


; 0 = female cowgirl position led to consolidate here, please

; 1 back-back on all fours, and standing back

; 2-face (lying) posture and the position

; 3-face (standing), standing on one foot, and lunches

; 4 non-insertion Blow and Tit (where all the non-insertion system)


And that should be helpful, but there have been so many ini edits that have not followed this standard.


I doubt there is one, but thought it was worth asking about.

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Here is a quick and dirty breakdown that should do the trick for you (some may be wrong but for the most part it should be fairly accurate). It is based off of the Daedra Sutra (which has screenshots of all positions).


The Daedra Sutra: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=10356




EDIT: Ok, the 1st list I posted had multiple errors on it. This list should be a bit more accurate. I also made notes on which are broken in my opinion.


Give me a few minutes and I will post a duplicates list as well.

NOTE: the duplicates list (click on spoiler) is a work in progress so it is a bit messy.


2nd Edit: Ok, revised the duplicates to include group 4 and updated the animations by group after I found a few more mistakes.


3rd Edit: found some more duplicates and updated the information in the below spoiler. Also updated the animations by group with a couple of corrections.


4th Edit: Update as I continue to check duplicates. Will update at least one more time when I finish Group 4 and will update animations by group as well. NOTE: Much of this will change as I am going to renumber things for the new pack so it makes more sense. I will leave a spreadsheet for what things used to be for information purposes.


[spoiler= Daedra Sutra Duplicate Animations]

Animations that are duplicates:


Group 0: Notes:

01 , 1.1, 59, 61, 147,

114, 121.1, 121.2,

67, 148

136, 161

12.1, 172.1, 14.1 is REALLY similar but could be fixed using x1 for x2-x3 and x0

21.2, 178,

7.1, 24, 24.1, 56 tweak these using x2 only from both to make a new cow girl animation?

33, 43, 163, 163.1




Group 1: Notes:

02, 2.1, 62 62 has bbb

22.2, 118, 109 similar to these but guy pos is different

38, 142, 167, 195 use x0 only to create animation

52, 25,

08, 68

133, 153

166, 166.1



Group 2: Notes:

03, 55, 63, 15 is similar - girls legs are up higher 18, 50, 53 also similar

34, 139, 164,

26, 196, 131

41.1, 145, 170,

05, 35, 65,




Group 3: Notes:

04, 64 similar

09, 16, 16.1, 69, 149

39, 143, 168,

44, 146, 171 repair with 197 male

36, 140, 165, repair with 197 male

144, 169,




Group 4: Notes:

30, 31 these two are very similar. Use 30 if you have small breasts and 31 for larger.

46, 60,

06, 66

58, 102

134, 154

150, 160

110, 200



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I am in process of revising the animations for the upcoming release of rev96 of lovers and I am eliminating all of the duplicates and reshuffling some of these animations. Basically just housekeeping as we have non-bbb stuff mixed in with bbb stuff. I am removing most of the non-bbb (unless it is really cool or doesn't matter like with BJ's and such). There really are a bunch of duplicates right now.

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This helped a lot' date=' I do wish, though I know is way much to ask, that there were on some of them, mini images...LOL


But this helped a lot.



Actually that is already done! Thanks to erc1971 and his Daedra Sutra: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=10356


Inside the DS is a folder that has a picture\screenshot showing all 4 stages of each animation. :D

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