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Custom Dialogue lines when follower is using spells [SOLVED]


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Hi there,


I want to make my follower say some specific dialogue lines when its using magic spells, you know like "falcon punch!" and stuff like that. I've benn trying with these conditions in the dialogues:







But none of that is working. Does someone knows how to get this to work? By the way, I'm using the combat dialogue tab for the lines.

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wormple12, on 14 Dec 2018 - 01:35 AM, said:snapback.png

Using the Combat Tab, I'd use the Attack subtype and/or Taunt subtype with the SpellHasKeyword condition (since according the the wiki, HasEquippedSpell and IsCurrentSpell don't work as conditions) if possible.

It worked. Looks like when you are dealing with magic attacks, you should place the dialogue lines under Taunt subtype using SpellHasKeyword. Attack subtype seems to only work with melee attacks.

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