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Mod wich allows more companion? Also something wich replaces that horrid assault rifle

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25 minutes ago, Resdayn said:

Is there any mod wich let me have more companions like in party based games?


Also is there some mod wich repalces that ww1 looking abomination?

For followers, I use Unlimited Companion Framework by expired6978 - it's pretty lightweight, but doesn't have a lot of the features that many of the other multiple companion frameworks - but it does work very well with both vanilla and mod companions, specifically:  Insane Ivy, Heather Casdin, Ellen the Cartographer, and companions added through Fusion City, Outcasts and Remnants, and Project Valkyrie, and temporary companions within the base game itself (people who follow you around for specific missions).


One funny side benefit (or detriment?) is that when triggered companion speech events happen in the game environment (like comments about a specific location) - with UCF, they all tend to say them one after another...  This can be annoying or funny - depending on who you have with you and how many followers are present.  For scripted speech response to dialogue events, it seems that the FIRST companion you recruited with you will generally "win" the conflict of who speaks.  So if you have Piper and Danse and Piper was recruited first and THEY BOTH have a possible conversation interjection with another npc - Piper will generally win that and speak, not both.


I've been using UCF for a few years - I've never noticed issues with it :)

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