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Problem with venusprincess clothes.


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2 hours ago, drasdreth said:

Hey, did anyone else have problems with the clothes from this creator? http://venusprincess-simblr.tumblr.com/tagged/asked 

Every single piece of clothing I downloaded from them has glitchy, bugged texture. Looks awful. And it's not just in CAS, even in-game it looks the same. Anyone knows how to fix this? They have good stuff, but it looks awful in my game.

i had downloaded gladiator outfit from venusprinces but one of the gladiator sandals is bugged.but other ones i downloaded seems good enough

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While I can't shed any light on this particular artists work, I can mention older CC I've used in the past worked fine. Then as I added more expansions requiring newer patches I noticed a serious degradation in texture quality. Blotchy/pixelated even.


Even one of my females hairs would cause me to CTD. I finally figured there was a LOD problem with it since the crash only happened when I was zoomed out and would move the camera over the offending hairs location. That one took me a while to brainstorm.


Meanwhile other CC with missing LOD (like some male underwear I have) simply become invisible after a certain distance.


I guess my point is this CC could be based off older patch levels and not completely compatible with your game version.

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There is a LOD_0 and LOD_1 - not well done or degraded in some way I think. Both Arrays are out of bounds on most everything I've checked by them - copy protection scheme not right. This may have affected in part. I also believe they used custom nudes  incorporating it beneath the object mesh. It just doesn't like the "Texture Wrapping". IMO... whadauthink?

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