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Personality Idles 4 + LoversLab Incompatibilities

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I am well aware these two mods are considered incompatible, but I'm interested in knowing WHAT exactly makes them uncompatible. After finding it possible to have sex and have the animations play, but not while in bed (NPCs having sex in bed causes the odd "standing in each other twitching" bug, using Sleeper Sex to have sex with a sleeping NPC prevents them from having animations, but the PC sometimes has them), I altered all of the scripts to use PlayIdle instead of PickIdle, because PickIdle is known to screw with Lovers-based mods. That did not fix it. I removed the quests entirely: that also didn't fix it. I used TES4Edit to delete almost all of the animations, except for the generic idle animations. THAT fixed it...but still leaves me wondering "Why?"


Has anyone done any extensive testing on this? I suspect it must have something to do with improperly set Idle Animations, but...

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Interestingly enough, PersonalityIdles4 also causes a weird bug where when an NPC would read a book while seated, they actually stand up inside the chair while reading. I'm trying to figure out what the difference between the vanilla book-reading animation and PI4's book-reading animation is, since that bug doesn't happen with the vanilla animations.

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Stand inside the chair while eating, sitting or reading I also saw that with the vanilla animations.  Only smoking ( X pipe Mod ) I never saw standing.


Once PersonalityIdles4 worked fine in my game with Lovers sex animations ( I don't use see-you-sleep Mods)

Then after a new installation but with the same Mods and same load order PersonalityIdles4 caused the "stand in T pose" during sex bug.

Now I do not use it anymore.

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