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[FO3] Should I esmify my esps?


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Under no circumstances!


This was only for use with the busted FO3 1.5 patch. It's not needed on 1.6 and 1.7. In fact you should look for mods that have been so treated and reverse the process.


It's this procedure that helps makes F03 so unstable that many people think it hopeless.


Esps are NOT esms and should not be semi-turned into one. Look for files in Wrye Fash that are blue (like a real esm) and turn them back into esps.


Too many FO3 modders just gave up with the 1.5 patch, gave the hacky work around and then never updated their mod or documentation when the later patches came out.


With 1.6 (and later 1.7) it didn't help that Beth didn't list it as a fixed bug (IIRC, they never acknowledged the issue existed.) Hence, obsolete advice that was not updated with the later (much better) patches.






Note this -

Bug fixes

* Fixed the problems v1.5 had with incorrectly loading new objects from esp. [unlisted]

* Fixed the problems v1.5 had with saving with new objects from esp loaded. [unlisted]

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Maybe you could add the MasterUpdate reference to the OP. Just by reading that you shouldn't esmify stuff, wouldn't have helped me, as I didn't know that that is what MasterUpdate actually does.:shy: You wouldn't even see that a plugin is esmified, if you weren't looking at the file header in FO3Edit, as the file extension remains to be .esp IIRC.


Edit: Except with Wrye, like stated in the OP, of course...

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