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OMG my ex is a pornstar... wait, nah, that ain't her

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Title says it all.


You know how things go. Every now & then you might get a little urge (been getting them slightly more often ever since I joined here), you do a little clickety-click, you go 'ooh, that one looks nice', and all of a sudden, you go "WHAT THE HELL?! That's my ex girlfriend from 15 years back! WTF? She never used to let me do THAT!"


Until you realize it ain't her, can't possibly be her, "dude, you said you were so over her - what gives?" - heart rate dropping, breathing becoming regular etc etc.


Well, it does happen to me, once in a blue moon.

Anyone else?

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Yeah, I get that too. "Hey, that one looks like..." That's fine.


But in the case of me mistaking someone for her, it's just plain shock and distress. Something that feels like the onset of a heart attack. There've been others - and I never mistake anyone for them. Also, this is a recent phenomenon, something that's only been happening the past year or so; about 3 times in total so far. Enough for me to find it odd, after all that time.

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Yeah, I'm sure - even if face, skin, build and/or hair are alike, there's always the voice or the eyes - dead giveaway. In any case, at least the angles don't come into it. ;)

Bullshit psychology tells me I'm probably just not as over her as I'd like to believe. But dayum, if fifteen years isn't enough, what is?

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Guest †Foggy♥Sugar†

Yeah' date=' I'm sure - even if face, skin, build and/or hair are alike, there's always [u']the voice or the eyes[/u] - dead giveaway.


I'm such a chick sometimes, this made me go, 'awww'.

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Guest †Foggy♥Sugar†

It's a wonderful thing to be sure, we need a lot more of that on both sides of the spectrum.


There was a very special person in my life, over a decade ago; that I will never forget as bad as my memory is. He taught me a lot about myself as well as men in general and even though there is no way I could ever see Him again or be with Him; I'd prefer to never let him go. I *sort of* know how you feel although I don't see Him in porns or anything like that, or anything resembling Him. I do see His face in the crowd when I am outside from time to time though or mistake someone else for Him.

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Well, I have occasionally seen her where she wasn't too. Mistaking somebody for her out there on the street is of course a bit scarier than thinking it's her in a porn vid - like 'what am I gonna say?' - but there's less of the primal jealousy.


I can also definitely relate to the "no way I wannna go through that again" idea. Not sure I'd literally survive it.

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Guest †Foggy♥Sugar†

Ugh I totally know what you mean. A part of me still misses the other person I have to admit but I know it would be quite literally the WORST thing I could do to myself. I have terrible self esteem honestly but even I don't think I could punish myself THAT much. Maybe it's like a poison apple? You know it's terrible for you and some 'bad boy' part of our brain thinks that's hot or cool or something I dunno. lol

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