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Hiyoko Children's Selective 'No Greet' bug?

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I've heard various things about the 'I have no greetings' glitch with Oblivion.  The Dialog is Quest Based, so make sure your character is (in/not in) the Shivering Isles with the SE_WORLD setting.   The character is part of a non-playable race.  None of these apply.


For some time I have running into an issue with some Hiyoko Children recently borne.  They have the bug.  They are also not borne in the Isles, and the issue has nothing to do with races.  I know that the races of Hiyoko Children made with the Gene Forge mod might be hard to identify.  But it's not difficult to tweak 'LoversSexSense' so it can scan a brat and bring up their race with the .GetRace property.


Now after encountering this error earlier, I tried something rather .. clever?  I installed a patch that ran the 'SetAliasRace' method upon the Hiyoko Children that were generated by both Hiyoko Generator and Hiyoko Generator GeneForge, making them similar in dialog and content to Imperials.  But to no avail as it still existed.


As an example, I ran a character that had... TWINS.  But one of the twins has the greetings bug while the other does not, and greets properly.  Both had the same equipment and Hiyoko Children flags, and both were of the same race:  Hiyoko Lop-ears Elf 06.  So that clearly eliminates both the Isles solution and (even with the SetAliasRace option) the non-playable race suggestion.



Of course I have Hiyoko Shooter appearing after the other Tamago Hiyoko mods,  :D I actually number my OMODs so I ensure I have em loading in Fejeena's Mod Order.


Any other suggestion on what could eliminate Greets, especially when twins borne with apparently matching content show this being a very selectively strange bug?

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Hiyoko Gene Forge can not have the no greetings bug.


Oblivion Greeting are made for races, faction or quests...and Hiyoko children do not have the race, faction or are part of the quests, so the don't use Oblivion Greeting.


SI race use SI Greetings. But most SI quest have condition "is in SI world". And if a SI Race NPC is not in SI he/she can not use the Greeting. ( All dialogues are part of a quest, and the quest condions also apply to the dialogues )


And some Tamriel dialogues/quest have the condition "is not in SI world", so it can happen that some Tamriel NPCs do not have greeting in SI.



I add a Greeting in my Hiyoko Gene Forge  esp.

One Greeting : Hello

Condition:  the 13 Hiyoko Gene Forge  races

Quest: hggfMain [QUST:01000ED4]   The quest have no conditions.

So this Greeting works everywhere. You can travel from and to SI and you never see the No Greetings bug.

No  SetAliasRace needed.



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I am not concerned about dialog that has the condition "is not in SI world" as I am not attempting to resolve dialog that is meant only for the Shivering Isles or Tamriel Pure.  This is for greetings that would work globally, meant strictly for any and all Hilyoko children.  And yes, all Hiyoko children do in fact have a faction.


Whilst you are looking at only Gene Forge for factions, it is not there where the factions reside or applied.   In fact, it is the master file, HiyokoClub, that holds both the a4hcHiyokoFaction faction, and where it applies this faction to all children when borne ( (a4hcfDelivery).  


So any GREETING dialog that checks to see that the target has the a4hcHiyokoFaction ( Condition:  faction == a4hcHiyokoFaction )   should work, correct?  Or would you think that I should ensure the faction is applied to all children within Hiyoko Shooter by reapplying it just in case?


And as I stated, I did try without the SetAliasRace command first anyway.

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Oh crap, what did I write in my last post. "Hiyoko Gene Forge can not have the no greetings bug. "
Why do I add a Greeting if they can not have the bug??
I wanted to say: "Hiyoko Gene Forge can have the no greetings bug. "
And yes you can use the Hiyoko faction. And a quest without conditions.
I use Gene Force so I have only Gene force Children so I used the Gene Force race in the dialogue conditions.
And the Greeting is part of the Gene Force  Quest, a quest without any conditions.
my added Gene force dialogue/Greeting







Yes there is no " "is not in SI world" condition.  The right name is "GetPlayerInSEWorld"  and with Equal to 0  or  Equal to 1  you have "not in SI" and "in SI"



Here a SI quest with condition



All dialogues, Greetings, Hello, Goodbye,... that are part of this quest will not be used outside of SI.

First the game check the Quest conditions before it checks the rest of the dialogue conditions.




Example why the SI Guards do not use the Tamriel crime dialoges.


The Quest is set to Playable race


But vanilla GoldenSaint and Dark Seducer are not playable races.


And second in the dialogue conditions is a Imperila race check.



But In Lovers PayBandit and LoversTrueCrimeEx the Imperial race condition is delete , so you can use a Guard replacer with other Other races or mod guard with other races, ( If the races are playable) The Guard NPC must have the class "Guard" and it will work.


So the not-playable GoldenSaint and Dark Seducer can not use the Lovers crime dialogues because they are not playable.

If you use a Mod that make the SI races playable the SI guards will use the Lovers crime dialogues.



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Things got a little .... weird. :|


I tweaked a 'Calm Child' script so that I could forcibly apply the Hiyoko child flag to any so-called child.  Turns out the silent child was silent for a good reason, somehow the Hiyoko Faction was not being applied to all children though the DELIVERY method should have taken care of that.  Fixed now.  Twins no longer have that issue.   :tounge_xd:  The only issue I have left with Hiyoko Shooters is UN-solvable... hiding the 2nd child generated with the ON LIVE condition while the first child using the ON BIRTH condition triggers the labor animations.  Nope... not gonna happen.



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