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to Adult Americans: Who remembers the Blizzard of '93 ?

Kashiwaba Tomoe

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Yea, I do. I lived in the upper mid-west at the time and we were not really impacted. We maybe had a couple of extra inches of snow but that was all. I do remember watching the boob tube and getting a chuckle at the actions and reactions of folks that are not used to ice\snow. It was a hell of a storm and hopefully not one we will see again!

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I was nine.


Me and my step dad piled a six foot high snowman on top of the car, then went down the nearest main busy road.


I was in his lap, he used the gas/brake, I steered.


I basically just went straight down the middle of the road, we were going 50-60 on average on the straight parts, way way slower on any incline or turn, and had fun.


A cop saw us, pulled up beside us, and chatted for a minute even as we drove.


Best part I remember of that is the shit eating grin the cop had on his face, he enjoyed seeing a kid driving better than the average driver currently was.

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I fondly remember it!

I lived in the Northeast Bronx back then.

It snowed so much that the schoolyard across the street from me (which was lower in the ground than the surrounding sidewalk) had filled up with snow like a giant schoolyard sized pool!


My neighbors kids next door and the rest of the kids on the block got together and we built a tunnel system in that yard that connected up and we had a large area in one side of the yard that was a little community area where we could all hang out under the snow. It was soooo awesome! Of course, it all got messed up when more kids in the neighborhood found out about it and wrecked it.


It was great while it lasted.

I wish we could have videotaped that experience...it will never happen again.


I love being a 90's kid.

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Yeah, I remember when brownouts hit for a few nights, everyone used the snow piled up beside a back door to shove frozen stuff into so it'd last.


And the dumb annoying fat lady that lived next door copied people a few days after everyone else had started, and just left her frozen meats sitting in the snow, and cats got into it, she didn't even try much to bury it or put it on a cooler or anything........ I vaugley remember her digging in the snow for thirty seconds than giving up as if it were work.

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Had about 4ft here in the mountains (Northwestern NC). Had some massive drifts. Was cold and hard enough that I could walk to the roof of house on top of them. Could also watch motor graders go through drifts so high that you'd see the top of cab disappear under them...

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I remember it, I was 10 years old. I didn't want to go outside though, but my mom wanted me to enjoy the snow like any other kid. I knew I was going to get bullied if I went out though even with my friend Jennifer around. Some douchebag wound up holding me down and pushing me face in the snow while everyone else beamed me with not snowballs, but Ice... Yeah not exactly good memories of that blizzard. :s


I recall it being a really icy blizzard around where I live, and there was some flooding but luckily not in my direct area.

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