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Can someone upload Compatability Skeleton


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Please remove the file attached to this thread. My skeleton is NOT meant to be distributed outside of the Nexus. The only reason it exists at all is that I agreed to that condition to include the BnB skeleton. The proper method, assuming you cannot get ahold of the skeleton, is to PM me here at LL and simply ask me to send you the skeleton. You know, that way I don't end up violating my agreements and you don't get me banned at the Nexus...

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Why would place a file here get you banned on a different site?


Because then I could be reported for redistributing a file in violation of the terms of that file. I agreed not to distribute my skeleton as a condition of getting permission to use the BnB skeleton inside my skeleton. I like to keep to my agreements with people and also the Nexus is pretty serious about enforcing those agreements and terms.


EDIT: And thank you for removing it :) I appreciate that.

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