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About This File

An OutfitStudio conversion of the Devious Devices Assets v2.7 meshes, converting them from the CBBE body to the UNP/UNPB bodies. All needed files included, meshes tested on both the UNP Base v1.2, and UNPB v2.5.2 bodies and confirmed working.


v1.1 of the file is still avalible as legacy, but is not required, you need only download the v1.2 file.





Simply drag and drop the contained "Data" folder into your main Skyrim directory, say yes to merge all folders, say yes to overwrite all, and you're done.

What's New in Version v1.2


  • v1.2. Major overhaul to most of the meshes, just about everything should be more form-fitting now. Both UNP and UNPB bodies are now officially tested and supported.
  • Meshes changed from v1.1 to v1.2:
  • Iron belt.
  • Padded belt.
  • Padded belt (open).
  • Armbinder.
  • Body harness.
  • Harness collar.
  • Individual changes are far too numerous to list, but for all of them: Improved shape and fit, fixed some minor clipping issues that were found, tested with both UNP and UNPB bodies to ensure proper function with both.

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