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RZ workshop Anime & Manga series mod

This is an armor outfit mod from a popular franchise [started as online textboard game] " Goblin Slayer "


I started it creating in spring 2019 and the same idea started bombarding game mod communities quicker than I had to finish it. So I reworked some ideas to match the later OVA. Model inspired by original and cosplay design.
This is an outfit armor mod with optional RM face preset to create a follower or MC. I recommend TKTK face texture.




unzip - drop files from archive to your Skyrim data folder

Use ItemMenu if  you don't want to find and craft armor. It requires "Steel perk".


Delete files from meshes\textures folders (romeozero\Goblin Slayer) and delete esp
"NOTE -----------------------------------------------------

Choose "RM archive preset" file - for creating a Racemenu character or a companion 
Full Armors and helmet is made for 60 weight to match the char design. 



 - any adventure mods like Campfire and others for realistic travels 


  • Bad-ass armor outfits
  • Signature short sword
  • Signature shield  
  • Journey tools and Backpack for adventures that will boost your weight carry. 
  • Animated RageFx  for Riekling lairs or slaying Riekling Crown :thumbsup:
  • Can be equipped both by male and female human character 
  • bodyslide support and SAM 
  • SSE support
  • Frostfall outfit system support


This mod is for Loverslab community and Pixiv community.No distribution to other sites, share links to original upload sites only.

No modification of this mod can be made for online sharing. Do it strictly for your PC & your game.


Want to support ?

Toss a coin to your modder for inspirations ?



Kumo Kagyu (蜗牛くも)

Noboru Kannatuki (神奈月昇)

bad-ass Cosplayers for inspiration

ZeroFrost, HIDETO84

Cadnav 3d site

Tools Used:

3Dmax and Substance




What's New in Version 1.2.1


  • New textures and assets update. Added new outfit. Added Bodyslide support and SSE version.
    Renamed esp to match the version _LE.Fixed all the bugs (1P vanilla camera,missing updated textures) so redownload
    • v1.2.1 Frostfall outfit system support,moved back bags to tools so PC can equip lower quivers on XPMSE. 


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