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Welcome, grab a chair. Put down the flogger and take a look around.


You can find some bondage and fetish oriented clothing on here and the biggest BDSM object collection for any Sims title to date- all objects are originals made by me, you wont find any conversions from other games on here.


My clothing uses mainly the ephiny-asunder´s EVE mesh v6.

There are still few legacy items that work with EVE mesh v5, however these are no longer supported, even if you are free to download them.

The objects are of course mostly body mesh independent, as long as your body mesh of choice doesnt have completely crazy proportions. Everything I make is modelled and intended for the female mesh, even if some of the objects should work for the male frame as well.


In general my objects and furniture are split into two categories.


First are regular objects, that work in tandem with the Wicked Whims mod- these constitute the majority of my objects and wont work without Wicked Whims. These are the simpler things I make.

Second there are practical objects, which are much more work intensive and therefore rarer. These have additional behavior made for them. Usually these are self explanatory (pet bed allows your sim to sleep in it etc).



You need WickedWhims mod by Turbodriver


if you want to be able to play animations on my objects.


LL Releases are happening every other Friday, save for special occasions when I am either not available on that day, or have other plans.

On average I release 4-5 sets every month on LL.


If you REALLY like my stuff, you can support me here -



You get early access to everything I release (but dont worry, everything will be released here eventually) + input into what I make.

EVE v6 mesh found here -

All credit goes to ephiny-asunder.



For best results, make sure to set EVE in body selector for both top and bottom on you sim- that way even items that dont tell the game which body mesh to use (generally everything that is not in the top, bottom or body category), will use the correct mesh and prevent clipping and other graphical bugs that come from using the wrong body mesh with my items.


If you have any thoughts about my stuff, want to share screenshots or just say hi, drop by -





Please, dont reupload my stuff in any capacity unless you are given permission. If you need to include it (for sims etc) link this post.

If you want to make conversions (other bodytypes, male versions etc) for public release, shoot me a PM and ask. Thank you.




Currently available only through Patreon -



Padded Display

Altar Cross

Animation Set 7

Steel Bondage Set

Posture Post

Animation Set 8

Workout Machine "Freya"

Tanning Rack

Suspension Post

Majestic Hole

Blowjob Arcade
U Stock
"Rider" Bondage Post


Kritical´s Very Informative FAQ - LL edition



Q: Can you package everything into a zip file for me?

A: Sorry, I dont plan on doing that for numerous reasons. I hope you find my stuff worth the small inconvenience of downloading files separately. You can reference the screenshots I uploaded to see what you like and have to have and what you can do without. My patreon/subscribestar supporters have access to my dropbox- as such they have access to auto-archive function that zips everything up.


Q: I have problem with X, can you....

A: I would love to, but its imperative to provide screenshots. One picture is worth a thousand words. Please, if at all possible, show & tell me what is wrong, instead of just telling me.

Moreover, describe your problem in detail, if the screenshot isnt enough. Saying "X doesnt work" is almost completely unhelpful. I need enough information to replicate the problem to be able to fix it. 


Q: How can I make my sims stay in your dungeon furniture until I release them?

 A: By tweaking your WW settings slightly. 

 1. Go to Wicked Whims Settings

2. Go to Sex Settings

3. Go to Sex Interaction Settings

4. Go to Sex Progressions Settings

5. Go to Player Sex Duration 

6. Select Climax Finish

7. Make sure you dont have Continue Progression After Climax turned on.

Thank you to  2cool4u_1 for suggesting this method


1. Go to Wicked Whims Settings

2. Go to Sex Settings

3. Go to Sex Interaction Settings

4. Go to Sex Progressions Settings

5. Go to Player Sex Duration

6. Make sure Time Limit Duration is ticked.

7. Finally, go into Sex Interaction Duration and input any number you want- this represents the amount of real time minutes the animation will play for.

One tiny thing is that you will have to manually cancel all regular sex interactions your sims might have, but other than that, it works just fine.


Q: Where can I get EvE v6 body mesh?

A: Right here  https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7wl3dxifcwuehf/EVE v6-7.10.19.zip?dl=0

All credit goes to  https://www.patreon.com/SMSims 


 Q: What do I need to use your mods?

A: I make everything basegame compatible, so updated base game is fine. If there ever is a feature that requires an expansion or stuff pack, I will note that on release.

You also want to have Wicked Whims - https://wickedwhimsmod.com/download/

You dont need it to use my clothing, but most of my objects rely on this awesome mod by Turbodriver. If you ever see me referring to "WW" in my release posts, this is the mod I mean.


Q: I cant find object X in Buy mode.

A:  When you search for something, if it doesnt come up in the shorthand results, you should click on the first line that says- Text Search for : "X" - X being the phrase you are searching for). Otherwise it might not display the result you are after (for example if you hit enter instead of clicking the aforementioned line).


Thank you if you actually bothered to read this FAQ :).


Edited by Kritical

What's New in Version 1.0.57   See changelog


Animation Set 6


2 Teasing Animations for the Padded Display- Vibe Idle, Hanging Upside Down

1 Idle for the Ideal Spot (also floor in general) - Whip Presenting Idle


Padded Display


5 Swatches - Black, White, Red, Pink, Chocolate

Sculpture Category -Search for "padded" in your buy menu.

Includes idle animation for use.


Atropos Brainwashing Machine

7 Swatches - Black, Black Brown, Black White, White, Pink, Red, Pink White

Sculpture Category - Search for "brain" in your buy menu.

Provides variety of naughty traits you can give your sims.

Beware, brainwashing without proper maintenance causes violent moodswings.

Requires logic skill to use.


Alcatraz Cage


5 Swatches - Brown, Black, Red, White, Pink

Sculpture Category - Search for "alcatraz" in your buy menu.

Includes idle animations for use

Can be slept in (works as a bed).

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