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This is a pack of 'just for fun' stuff that's mostly Halloween themed. There is a Frankenstein-style stiched body, as well as the ability to play as a ghost or someone with a hidden, monstrous form.  Each of these is implemented as a single spell (usually a permanent ability), or there are inventory items that can grant the abilities for AddItemMenu users - equip the item to apply the ability, equip it again to remove the ability.  These items work for NPCs too (except Corrupted Form which is player only).


As Seen On TV!




Stitched Body (UNP Females only)

Your body is made out of a bunch of other people's bodies that have been sewn together (which has been built from many UNP body textures).  It beats being dead, but you're not far from a walking corpse - you are constantly surrounded by a cloud of flies.

  • 25% physical damage resistance
  • 25% frost resistance (Frankenstein's monster wasn't really bothered by cold weather)
  • 50% resistance to poison and disease
  • Easier to detect in stealth
  • Major Speech penalty
  • Health regenerates very slowly

Search "stitch" in the console.  Spell is called "Stitched Body" (12cc) and item is called "Amulet of Stitching" (12cd).


Spooky Ghost Form

You may have died, but your soul is not yet ready to leave Mundus.  People don't react to you any differently, but I might change that in the future.

  • Carry weight reduced to 0, since you no longer have a corporeal form
  • Worn equipment (not weapons) does not encumber you, but does not provide armor rating either.
  • Spell potency is now based on your current Magicka - 100 Magicka = 100%.  This will make your spells weaker overall at low levels, but much stronger at high levels.
  • 50% physical damage resistance
  • Immunity to poison and disease
  • Waterbreathing
  • Waterwalking while sneaking, and 100% Muffle
  • Better intimidation, because you're spooky
  • Health does not regenerate

Search "spooky" in the console.  Spell is called "Spooky Ghost Form" (2dc4) and item is called "Spooky Ghost Ring" (332a).


Corrupted Form (Toggle, player only)

There is a hidden darkness in you, and it invokes instinctive revusion and hatred from other people.  Activating the corrupted form turns your body into an alien starfield (I might change how this looks in the future), which makes it difficult for people to identify you.  Don't let them see you changing forms, and don't return to an area too soon after your Corrupted Form has been spotted - if you see people starting to become suspicious, leave the area immediately or risk a death warrant!  The following effects apply while in Corrupted Form:

  • Constant health, magicka, and stamina regeneration
  • Killing an NPC restores health, magicka, and stamina
  • "Reap" interaction (use key) allows you to instantly kill an essential NPC that has been downed
  • NPCs try to kill you everywhere all the time

Search "toggle" in the console.  Spell is called "Toggle Corrupted Form" (5e58) and is equipped to the voice slot; item is called "Ring of Toggled Corruption" (691d).  If you want to be stuck in corrupted form permanently, you can add the spell "Corrupted Form" (3df5).





  • UNP-compatible body for the stiched textures
  • RaceMenu if you want to use stitched body overlays
  • PapyrusUtil needed for corrupt form

Potential Issues

  • The method I use to apply the stitched body overrides the character's naked armor skin.  This will conflict with any other mod that also changes this skin.  Also, SKSE does not clean up this modified skin when loading a game.  If you load a game where you're not using the stitched skin while playing with the skin, it will remain on your character.  Exiting to the main menu before loading a save is the easiest way to clear it up.
  • The Corrupted Form can cause some weirdness if used with something else that makes everyone want to kill you, like lycanthropy.

Corrupted Form Tweaks

Some of the behavior of Corrupted Form can be tweaked by changing Global Variables in the console:

  • HolzHalloweenUpdateInterval (default 5.0) - The time interval, in seconds, for Corrupted Form to check for witnesses, both during and afterward in the suspicion phase.
  • HolzSuspicionDivisor (default 3) - This controls how likely an NPC is to fire a suspicion event on you.  The default of 3 means there is a 1 in 3 chance for them to grow more suspicious.  Decrease this number to 1 or 2 to make NPCs grow suspicious more quickly, or increase it to grow suspicion more slowly.
  • HolzWitnessCooldown (default 1.0) - This is how long, in in-game hours, it will take before people who have seen you in your corrupted form will no longer grow suspicious if they see you afterward.

Texture Credits for Stitched Body


Demoniac by Regenbot03
Leyenda by HeroedeLeyenda
Better Khajiit Female Body by poblivion
Mature Skin by Maevan2
Real Girls by Zonzai
SG Renewal by Hello Santa
UNP by dimon99
Bijin by rxkx22
PureSkinTexture by regenbot03


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