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This is an addon to Dwarven Cyborg Collection that adds functionality to the pieces and uses an MCM to lock characters into them.  You can target NPCs in your crosshairs and start tracking them in the MCM.  Up to 20 characters can be tracked by the mod.  When you edit a character, you have 3 options:

  • Body Modification: This will equip a cyborg body that cannot be removed.
  • Head Modification: This will equip an item that is either a head replacement or something permanently grafted to the head.  It cannot be removed.
  • Accessories: This is used for additional items like clothes and helmets.  They are added to the character's inventory and equipped if possible.  Items added by this are not tracked by the mod and may be removed/dropped/sold freely.


Biological Automaton Framework (BAF) Support

Dwarven Augmentation supports -BAF- bodies that have been custom-built from Bodyslide.  All you need to do is set some configuration options in the MCM for each body you want to use.  The Configuration setting will determine how the body will behave in gameplay.  The Hands and Feet settings can affect the armor rating; normal equipment can be equipped to them if the bare option is chosen.  You can also add accessory pieces to each body.




Dwarven Cyborg Collection - You will only need the assets from this, you don't need to activate the ESP(s).


Compatibility Note: If you're using Schlongs of Skyrim, don't forget to set the body pieces to be revealing in the SoS MCM.  Accessory pieces that use the Panties slot will conflict with the cyborg bodies if you don't.


More Info

This mod also adds appropriate effects to the items from Dwarven Cyborg Collection.  These effects can be toggled in the MCM (with one exception):

  • Any body with cybernetic limbs will begin to arc with electricity as its user's health gets low.  This is a cosmetic effect only.
  • Parts with no hands prevent the user from equipping weapons, shields, rings, and torches (no toggle for this one).  They also cannot interact with crafting stations.  This includes armless items and the bladed arms from the Bikini set.
  • The bladed arms from the Bikini set give a 25pt bonus to unarmed damage.  This is doubled with the Fists of Steel perk!
  • The other mechanical arms give a 10pt damage bonus to melee and unarmed attacks.
  • NPCs who lack arms will flee from combat.
  • Mechanical legs give a variable speed bonus based on the user's health.  At low health this becomes a speed penalty.
  • Legless bodies move much slower, especially when weapons/magic/fists are drawn.
  • Limbless "nugget" bodies cannot move.  I tried slowing them way down but they ended up randomly getting stuck and unable to move anyway.
  • Items which replace the player's head will create a screen effect and give Waterbreathing.  These effects can be toggled individually.


The included cyborg parts are listed below.  As of 1.0, most armored pieces are no longer included; support for armored bodies is still possible with -BAF-.


Bikini Armor Set

  • Bladed Limbs
  • Bladed Arms
  • Arms
  • Full Body (+Armored version)
  • Limbless Body
  • Bladed Legs
  • Arms & Legs
  • Legs & No Arms
  • No Arms
  • No Legs
  • No Limbs
  • Bladed Left Arm, No Right Arm (+Legs version)
  • Bladed Right Arm, No Left Arm (+Legs version)


  • Arms
  • Arms & Legs (AKA 1st Cohort)
  • Arms & Bottom (AKA 3rd Cohort)
  • Arms & Thigh Legs (AKA 5th Cohort)
  • Left Arm (+1st and 3rd Cohort versions)
  • Right Arm (+1st and 3rd Cohort versions)
  • No Limbs


  • Arms (+4 versions with different leg part configurations)
  • Full Body (+Armored version)
  • Left Arm (+4 versions with different leg part configurations)
  • Legs
  • No Arms (+Legs version)
  • Right Arm (+4 versions with different leg part configurations)

-BAF- Prebuilds

  • Beast (4 versions)
  • Cavalier (2 versions)
  • Flame Trooper
  • Frost Trooper
  • Gem Reactor
  • Packhorse (4 versions)
  • Pony (3 versions)
  • Satyroi (4 versions)
  • Scout (2 versions)
  • Shock Trooper


  • Bionic limb options (Don't use the BODY armor slot, so they can be worn with regular armor)


  • Buck Skull (Plate and gory bases)
  • Carved Skull (Plate and gory bases)
  • Decapitated Neck
  • Gyro Heavy
  • Neck Cap Flat
  • Neck Cap Raised
  • Preserved Brain (Plate and gory bases)
  • Preserved Head
  • Full Skull (Plate and gory bases, skull will look like character race)
  • Metal hair options from the Gynoid set (7 options, each with an ornate version)
  • Eldhildil body wounds (so they can be used with cyborg bodies)


Chests (Not compatible with armored cyborg bodies)

  • Metal Pasties
  • Bandages
  • Archmage Top
  • Hakama (Black, blue, & red)
  • Maxwell Top (Regular, blue, & red)
  • Ripped Top
  • Modesty Plates


  • Modesty Plates
  • Panties
  • Eldhildil Dwarven Panties
  • Thong (Black, blue, red, & ragged)
  • Archmage Loincloth

Both (Use both the Chest and Panties slot)

  • Demi Suit (Black and red)
  • Studded (Black, black w/dragon & red w/dragon)

Other (Use neither the Chest nor Panties slot)

  • Armor Plate (a kitbash of loose parts, has the same stats as the vanilla Dwarven Cuirass)
  • Dwarven Belt
  • Dwarven Skirt (regular & short)

Clothes (also use the Chest slot)

  • Ancient Nord Tunic
  • Beggar Robes
  • Apprentice Robes (2 versions)
  • Journeyman Robes
  • Merchant's Clothes (2 colors)
  • Monk's Robes
  • Nocturnal Robes (normal & skimpy)
  • Prisoner Minidress (normal & bloody)
  • Tavern Clothes


  • Dwarven Aster Helmet
  • Gilded Helmet with Faceguard (with and without crest)
  • Monk Hood
  • Ripper Circlet


  • Dwarven Light Boots (normal & tall, same stats as vanilla Elven Boots)


  • Dwemmy
  • Pony


Also, the mod includes my Simple Dwemer Eyes options.


Info For Modders


Dwarven Augmentation's functionality can be invoked by mod events to lock characters into items.  These are all called the same way, with a Form that is the actor to affect, and a string which is the name of the item to equip.  This name can be "None" to unequip whatever item is already on the actor, or "Random" to select on randomly from the available items of the same type.  The mod events are named as follows:

  • DwAug_SetBodyModification
  • DwAug_SetHeadModification
  • DwAug_AddAccessory

And here's a sample script that uses them:


Scriptname LimbsAreForLosers extends activemagiceffect

event OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
	if (Game.GetModByName("Dwarven Augmentation.esp") != 255)
		int handle

		; Set body.
		handle = ModEvent.Create("DwAug_SetBodyModification")
		if (handle)
			ModEvent.PushForm(handle, akTarget)
			ModEvent.PushString(handle, "Dw Bikini - No Limbs")

		; Set head.
		handle = ModEvent.Create("DwAug_SetHeadModification")
		if (handle)
			ModEvent.PushForm(handle, akTarget)
			ModEvent.PushString(handle, "Dw Neck Cap - Flat")
		Debug.MessageBox("ERROR - Dwarven Augmentation.esp is not active in your load order!")

event OnEffectFinish(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster)
		int handle

		; Clear body.
		handle = ModEvent.Create("DwAug_SetBodyModification")
		if (handle)
			ModEvent.PushForm(handle, akTarget)
			ModEvent.PushString(handle, "None")

		; Clear head.
		handle = ModEvent.Create("DwAug_SetHeadModification")
		if (handle)
			ModEvent.PushForm(handle, akTarget)
			ModEvent.PushString(handle, "None")



Other items of note that you may want access to are stored in Global Variables (given via form number so you can GetFormFromFile):

  • Current Actors - 16cf5 - How many actors are being tracked by Dwarven Augmentation.  Do not change this!
  • Maximum Actors - 16cf4 - The maximum number of actors Dwarven Augmentation can track.  This is currently 20, but using this Global instead of hardcoding will ensure compatibility if this number is ever increased.  Do not change this!

MCM Settings

These Global Variables are set by the Dwarven Augmentation MCM.  Changing them will change the associated setting - use 1 for enabled and 0 for disabled.

  • Show Damage Effects - bf75
  • Bonus Damage From Arms - bf76
  • Armless NPCs Flee - 10b7d
  • Speed Bonus/Penalty From Legs - bf77
  • Waterbreathing When Headless - dff4
  • Screen Effect From Head - e55b


Future Plans?

  • Support for one-armed bodies.
  • JSON settings for -BAF- parts so they only need to be configured once across all saves?


What's New in Version 1.0


  • Added -BAF- support.
  • Added support for legless and mixed arm options.
  • Handless items now prevent torches from being equipped.
  • Actors lacking hands cannot interact with crafting stations, ore veins, or a few other object like grindstones.
  • Added mod event support.


Hotfix: Repacked BSA to include missing files.

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