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About This File

This patch adds race support for the SexboundAPI of Sergal race mod



Place the content in the starbound mod folder



[Sexbound API]

Sexbound API by Locuturus = https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4337-starbound-sexbound-api/


[ Sergal Race Links ]

= Non-Steam Version =

- Original Version -



= Steam Version =


- Classic Revival Version -



Race Compatible to Pregnancy:

  • Sergal
  • ???


Please Note that pregnancy will only work if the pregnancy.config code for "enableCompatibleMates" is set to "true". The config is located: SexboundAPI\scripts\sexbound\plugins\-.


Credits to the Original Race Author:

= Omegadrace =


Credits to Revival Author:

- Mr T. & LangyX -


Credits to Consent Requester:

- Red3dred -


Be Advised:

For those who wants to edit this support, please ask for permission from the author of this support first before you make changes, and reposting this support and changing the author of the support will be reported, Original Race Author has also have the rights of taking this down if by request has been given.





What's New in Version 2.0.1 Hotfix


  • Renamed the latest version with 2.0

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