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Whiterun Gate House


Dear Community:-)


This mod had a long story, as it has been VERY, VERY HARD to realize it.

Yesterday I finally restarted this project and I could suddenly handle it,

and in between, it´s ready to be played:-)



You can use this mod as a player´s home or as  another  location for some BD/SM.

The second floor is nearly free and the mod is very "fresh" with lot of place.

IDEAL FOR POSITIONERS and CK enthusiasts as well:-)


Or you play it how it is for now. Updates will of course follow.



I please you to let this custom work  on LoversLab ONLY - thank you!



You need skyrim and ZAP 8.0/-plus. 

ZAP 7 works too !!! , but some (furniture-) items will not be accessible in that case.


This mod takes a customized-house-mesh of skyrim, that got it´s huge changes. And then it has been put to the top of the whiterun entrance-gate in that way,

so that you have a load-free, new place by using some few "stairs up" inside your city-gameplay.  It´s a very decorative mod and it creates a perfect expansion

for the existing whiterun-world.


Enjoy and have FUN!




What's New in Version 1.3 with useful addons



-new Witerun mod , suiting customized version (also Bannered Mare BMISP - compatible)



-JK Skyrim Compatibility PATCH, what I did:

     -I removed collidating clutter and I changed the navmesh (please don´t update JK Skyrim  after this patch anymore!)


-DCIRBS Compatibility PATCH, what I did:

     -I removed some few clutter  (please don´t update DCIRBS  after this patch anymore!)




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