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Insane Cum Retexture + Queen/Lite/Painted Version 1.0.1

24 Screenshots

About This File

This is currently my first released mod.


What this mod currently does is just replace the Sexlab textures for cum with some insane versions of it.


Three Versions:

- Regular (I mean, compared to the Queen edition at least, it still looks like realistically speaking, 10 trolls circled around you and nutted 5 times each)

- Cum Lover Queen (You need to be obsessed with the man milk to really enjoy this one)

- There is a little patch for regular edition however, ( REGULAR ONLY ) that adds uniqueness and touches up on somethings, you'll notice it around the legs with anal and vaginal cum (Optional Though, so if you don't like it, no need)

- Lite Version (To Reduce glow and such)  - Therefore Patch not required for Lite



Feel free to give thoughts and feedback, I do not know yet if i can like make request versions to change things.


This file is mod manager friendly, so feel free to use NMM or whatever you desire.


and........... also, if you want to take pictures ingame and send me them if you want. Go Ahead! leave them right down in the support forum!

I could always use more screenshots to demonstrate to the public  (For Example: Need cum lover queen photos):classic_happy:

-Plus its always fun to see all the different characters you have and seeing the fun time they had,

(The support forum would be fun to be a little sharing place for anybody to stop by and "stick" around :classic_wink:)




QuiteUnfortunate : SexLab Quite the Sperm Replacer 4.20 Ridiculous Edition



Vacaliga SexLab Cum Textures Remake + Slavetats 1.2.5




What's New in Version 1.0.1


1.0.0: Screenshots!


1.0.1: A new Edition, The Cum Lover Queen to be exact. This version manages to be more insane then the Regular edition, you have to TRULY insane to embrace this amount of thickness. Cumming harder at you than Wick.


: A Little patch for the Regular Edition users, don't uninstall the original file, just install the patch (if you want) and overwrite the 3 files from the original, It just touches some textures up a bit, tried to make some clipping parts (around the legs) less obvious and make them a little more unique from each other (one leg compared to the other).


11/7/2018 - Just an extra screenshot, nothing new.


12/21/2018 - More Screenies


4/26/2019 - Lite Version


10/11/2019 - New Custom texture (Painted) version, its a little glowy in darkness.


2/7/2020 - New Version of painted, its less visible but combats glow in the dark even more.

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