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About This File

Do you like caves and love to live in them, but also like luxury as well? Do you like cave home mods but wish you could take your family to live there? Do you play a beastess, or do you use untamed? Then this mod might just be for you.

Dovahkin's Wolf Pack Den


This is a player home that is in a cave and is located just outside of Riverwood on the south side. Faendal is your next-door neighbor. This player home works with Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions and has 6 beds for the young ones. There is also a follower barracks with 5 beds for them there. You have a nice front yard sharing space with the Riverwood community. Future updates planned will bring the Riverwood community to your doorstep campfire for some socializing. Already, any children from Riverwood might join in on a game of hide and seek with your kids. If you play a beastess roll or use the Untamed mod like I do, then this would also be a wonderful home for you and your pack. I already have a start with 3 essential and named wolves living within the cave that are friends to the dragonborn. On top of these three wolves, there is a 4th black wolf that is an actual follower with the Female Young Eager voice type, and if you really get into your beastess or untamed rolls, you can even marry her. An observatory deck with a nice sized pool made from the remnants of an old Snow Elf ruin sits atop the mountain home overlooking Bleak Falls Burrow, Riverwood, even Whiterun and Dragonsreach can be easily viewed from the serene location.


This is still a work in progress and is considered to be in Beta. More features are planned in the future such as Alternate Start scenario, etc... There are still landscape work that needs to be done. I plan to move one of the trails leading down to the Riverwood gate just slightly to please the NPCs but re-navmeshing it afterwards takes time. I decided to release a version of it now for testing and advice. Or so people can just have fun with it like it is. It is already a pretty cool place. I used some resources from the Celestial Eden Mod on the Nexus, 3 statues from JackGA, and a custom Dibella Statue from the Dibellan Sisterhood mod. This would also be a pretty cool home for a Dovahkin who is a part of the Dibellan Sisterhood.


Unfortunately for some, this requires all DLCs. I used assets from all DLCs. Especially Hearthfire, as this home is Hearthfire Multiple Adoption friendly. You will need to cast the Bless Home spell on the master bed. It also works with Spouses Enhanced available here on Loverslab, but is not required. Just cast the Lover's Sanctuary spell on the master bed after using the Bless Home spell. You shouldn't even need to use the MCM option to add the bed to Sexlab.


Have fun and let me know what you think. This has been a learning project as not only is this my first home mod, but also Hearthfire Multiple Adoption friendly. It created some challenges. Even following the directions. First times are always mysterious.


Caution: This is being placed as "Non-adult" but beware, even though the vanilla Dibella statue is already partially nude, the one from the Dibellan Sisterhood that I used in the décor of this mod is more detailed. Still, I could see a whole lot more if I went down here to the local museum and shoved my way through all of the school kids that are there on a field trip.

What's New in Version 2.1.0


Removed some unwanted records I had missed from doing an experiment. This may have caused a gray face bug in Lydia. It should now be fixed. If anybody else has this or a similar problem with the few NPCs I was using as guinee pigs, please let me know as soon as you can so I can work on a permanent fix, and for an easy quick temporary fix, just make sure this mod is above any NPC overhauls in your load order until I would get a new uploaded version. But I triple checked to make a fervent attempt in making sure this update got rid of that issue. Sorry I had forgotten about that. I hope you all are enjoying the mod.