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Adds Book Stores to the major towns. Something I missed seeing from Oblivion and Morrowind was finding bookstores in the various towns. Each bookstore sells the Cheap and Common book set, so do not expect skill books or anything potentially borked, only for roleplay value. The owners are highly paranoid of thieves, so very few books are on display

This mod also adds skill magazines similar to the ones you would see from Fallout.

Hope you enjoy.

What is added:
-5 bookstores, one in each of the major towns
-Skill magazine for each of the skills, duration 5 hours.

Known bugs:
None at this time

Known incompatibilities:
-Thievery Overhaul - Download the Shenk Overhaul version and use this instead of the normal version.

Additional credit:
Adventure Time Journyman of Ooo - skill magazines idea
karrakaz - bug fixes and suggestions
Shadow_Dragyn - Whiterun Owner name change suggestion

Revision History:
-Fixed Markarth Book Store navigation errors and store behavior.
-Added gold to each of the owners, now you can actually sell to them.
-Fixed Solitude Book Store navigation errors and store behavior.

-Added skill magazines:
Insights into The Best Defense - Heavy Armor
The Potent Editions - Alchemy
Daily Manipulation - Alteration
Tips on Daedric Creations - Conjuration
Snippets on Tricking The Eye - Illusion
Poke-and-Prod Weekly - One-Handed
Healer's Digest - Restoration
The Daily Block - Block
Shadows Hide You Chronicles - Sneak
The Morning Berserker - Two-Handed
Horse Salesman Pitch Daily - Barter (Speechcraft)
Methods of Brute Magicka - Destruction
Practice on Embedding Magicka - Enchanting
Security Edge Daily - Lockpicking
The Hunting Enthusiast - Marksman
The Apprentice Journey - Smithing
Smooth Moves Practice - Pickpocket
Talking Weekly - Persuasion (Speechcraft)
Swift Dodging Chronicles - Light Armor

- Interiors have Navmeshes
- Stores will now lock
- Solitude location is different, more believable
- Whiterun owner's last name is now more realistic
- Riften owner has a husband now
- Solitude/Markarth owners have daughters now
- Each interior was redone to look more like a bookstore

-Fixed face bugs

-The initial release

If you want to make your own variation, you are free to do so. It would be nice to credit me in your variation if you use this as your base.


Special Edition Note:

This mod hasn't been ported over yet.  I want to overhaul the mod before releasing it over on Special Edition.

What's New in Version 5.0.0


Added missing outdoor images

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