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About This File

Dear Readers!


With this material, you can start or continue to create some new shapes of UNP (HDT) bodies, or take simply the presets I made.

It´s the best, to edit the body inside of the game by using the race-menu. 




By using the race-menu, you can "screenshoot" it´s parameters and return to the bodyslide editor, then overtake the new settings into the bodyslider by adding or substracting +/-"100" points: 1.00 inside the racemenu is 100 in bodyslide, -0,40 in racemenu is -40 inside of bodyslide and so on. SOME few parameters are exactly working in opposite, but you will find that out quickly. Any new bodyslide stetup can then be driven ingame with all racemenu-sliders on zero (middle position) - so you get no mismatch with additive clothing (-bodies)...means, the clothing will not come with "parameter-count-ons" after you changed the race-menu settings again. Finally it´s the best, to have all race-menu-parameters (of the unp-table) at the end of the work on zero (middle position).

Some clothing WANT the deformed body with which they are stored: for example the breast rope or specially narrow trimmed belts...files like that will always work conform to the presets, that you created, as soon you use the "build morph" and "batch-build" buttons and create the whole clothing new within your new shapes...(the best time for this is, after your complete work has been finished, or you use the function on some clothing particulary, specially on new incoming clothing)


Inside the pack is a single new slider, that can exchange the existing UNPetite High.bsd - slider with a fully new body-shape.

The guide is inside of a small description.

If you are not familar with bodyslide, please don´t use the new slider and stay with the common Bodyslide-Software configuration, in order to stay compatible.

I put all my created faces and my last customized skin-texture as addon into the pack, based on SG´s and demoniac´s texture-work.



My job was, to get more nice leg-forms, more beautiful breast-shapes and much more better hip-area - how I like it on a grown up female´s body.


A bunch of different faces of my gameplay of all my models of the past. At least I always played with "Zhuleyah":-)

Some faces created my GF.:-))


Enjoy !!




What's New in Version 4.0.0   See changelog


Slim Body Slider (2.0.0)


I created a new slider *.bsa (which is also only for UUNP/HDT) for BodySlide that can be implemented instead of the old one (or which can be added on another place) -if you like it.

This slider changes legs/knees HIP and butt and torso area, combined with a very PERKY base breast.

It´s a very flexible slider, as you can of course build lot of different breast sizes from it and it´s results are nice.


Installation: Exchange with one of your existing UUNP-sliders, (by renaming the UNPPerky.bsd to something existing-like the "petite-low"))  which you don´t use!


!!! -you have of course to create also the clothing new inside of Outfit-Studio (....confirm all !!!) -for every Piece of clothing ingame !!!


This mod makes the existing Bodyslide - Software incompatible with other Gamers!! (same like I wrote for the other slider !!!


Anyway - If you like Perky-Body-Shapes, this may be a fine stuff for you !!



(tip: if you play with Slim Body, it makes very much sense to get rid of the occlusion (*_msn.dds) texture map, so that the dark underbreast-shadows disappear!)



(update=pics: 7-10)





Stunning Body Slider (3.0.0)   [absolutly my favorite for now]


This bsd.file  can be again exchanged with before-ongoing stuff or you can replace it with an NOT by you used existing slider: rename it to the slider you don´t play with and confirm ALL your wanted clothing. (same as under 2.0.0)


This slider has very fine legs and depending on the texture, it will look quite realistic to legs, butt and hips. I also changed the existing breast-forms, so that you can create new merged-bodies, which were not possible to be created before/without this slider-shape.


pics: 11 to 14...all 3 pics are 100% this slider only, the 4th has more breasts-volume




New slim-shape, based on JANE BOD BodySlider  (4.0.0) , (originally made by nightasy for fallout 4, ported and CHANGED to be suiting for Skyrim by myself)


This is a top-body-slider for all, who like to play slim body-shapes with new results of breast-forms. I ported the form to the UUNP-BS-Format, so that you can enjoy this body also inside of Skyrim.

You can exchange one existing slider or create a new one for fully new integration. The first method makes your BS-system incompatible with others. The second version should e used with clothing, which is again being confirmed to the new slider (as usually).


The flat breast is offering pretty new looking sort of breast-shaping and can be played also flat, if the texture of the skin will be edited (dark shadow-color and normal map has to be trimmed a little for optimal results).







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Thanks for the nice reviews:


The outfits are customized, part of LUX or my own creations and will get into the LUX (Luxury Collection) as an add-in. As soon I´m ready with the clothing, I can create a bundle for sharing.

I added LATEX-textures to the Luxury Collection to have only one BIG-M(P)AC, instead of lot of single stuff.


In between I gave all 5 stars as I could not find anything better out there for a Long, Long time. I have also found a very sexual Body, created as an CBBE Body...may happen, that I´ll add that body one day also to one of my not used sliders....

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Very interesting, gonna see if I can get this working... By the screens it does look very good (hips have always been a bit disappointing looking in my experience) if it does you will have solidified yourself as one of my favorite modders t.ara!

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Where can I get the outfit in the first pic?

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I find this and all the rest remarkable!! I have a couple questions that I do not know to ask. How make times can one marry at the same time in the game. How many followers can one have? I am not one to do this modding stuff, as I am an old coot and don't want to learn all this downloading stuff, as I have almost made a mess out of my PC. With that being said, I would like to find one that will go straight into the Nexus Mod Mgr so I do not have to fool around with it much. I am looking for one of these that has female only nudity  with all the natural movement and perhaps a follower that can be nude or dressed by choice by me. Please let me know, and thank you in advance!

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