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This addon adds new sliders that allows the Elin ears to be repositioned and scaled.  More is sliders are planned which allows scaling each segment of an ear (if it allows it) much the same way XPMSE allows tails to be custom scaled.  Also, I'm going to see about making a RaceMenu version though this will be my first time making an addon for RM.


The files require the Tera Elin HDT Ears-n-Tail mod preinstalled and Enhanced Character Edit.

A version for the Elin (1) race is in the works.



Tera Elin HDT Ears-n-Tail ( https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87231-update-2017nov04-tera-elin-hdt-ears-n-tails-with-painted-lady-re-compatibility/ )

ECE ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12951 )



Install where you have the HDT ears-n-tail files.  This will overwrite some of the Character Making Extender INI files and translation file from XPMSE.

If using Mod Organizer, copy the addon files and paste into the HDT ears-n-tail folder.  Make sure the HDT ears-n-tail mod is listed after XPMSE.


Let me know if this works.

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5 hours ago, deatf123 said:

is compatible with ECEE - RANs Enhanced Character Edit Enhance ? O:


Yes.  I was using ECE+ECEE when making the new sliders.  The slider addon does not touch any files from ECE or ECEE.



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