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[Tutorial Posted] The Painted Lady: Color-Matching Pubic Hairs 2.0.0

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About This File

The Painted Lady

Color-Matching Pubic Hairs






The Painted Lady adds 3D pubic hairs that can be selected in the Character Customization menu via the "Hairs Additional" slider located under the "Hairs" category.  The pubic hairs matches color with the main (head) hair.

There are 5 different options (appearing in this order):

  1. Hairless
  2. Bush
  3. Landing Strip
  4. Untamed
  5. Wild

The pubic hairs can be added to NPCs and Followers and match their own hair color.  Some work is required especially for NPCs with custom faces created with Enhanced Character Edit or RaceMenu.



[ ABOUT Version 2.0 ]

Previous versions only had 1 set of hairs.  Version 2 now provides 8 sets (4 CBBE variants + 4 UNP variants) for use with NPCs and Followers whether they share the same body or are standalone (use their own body separate from other NPCs and the playable character).  Currently available sets:

  • PLHairs_C1 (CBBE Curvy)
  • PLHairs_C2 (CBBE Slim)
  • PLHairs_C3 (Cosio)
  • PLHairs_C4 (CBBE Chubby)
  • PLHairs_U1 (UNP)
  • PLHairs_U2 (UNPB)
  • PLHairs_U3 (UNP Petite)
  • PLHairs_U4 (7B Original) 
  • PLPlayer (for the Playable Character)


If you want to add pubic hairs for your own custom bodyslide body, all you need to do is transfer the pubic meshes to one of the folder (CBBE -> CBBE or UUNP ->UUNP) and overwrite the default meshes.  Also the pubic set for the player is separated in it's own folder so as to prevent being overwritten when creating custom, morphed pubic hairs with Bodyslide for NPCs and Followers.

Previous versions had a master file for human and Elven races with an optional master file for Beast races.  Version 2 uses only 1 master file which is compatible with ALL playable races.



[ FILES ]____________________


[ MAIN ]

  • Painted Lady Redone Color-Matching Pubic Hairs v2.0.7z






Option #1:  Install with a mod manager of choice.

Option #2:  Manually install by extracting the 7zip archive and copying the contents (folders + master file) of "00 MAIN" and pasting them in your Skyrim Data folder.


There are no special load orders.




Pubic Hair Textures

  • PaintedLady Darker Pube Textures by Z0mBieP00Nani.7z
  • PaintedLady LESS  Darker Pube Textures by Z0mBieP00Nani.7z



  • Painted Lady main files pre-installed.



Choose one of the dark pube textures and install with a mod manager.  Allow overwriting of the default textures.

Manually install by extracting the 7zip archive and copy the Texture folder and paste in your Skyrim Data folder.  Allow overwriting of the default textures.




Bodyslide Presets

  • LUSH (CBBE) by Samisme74


  • UUNP Conversions by Slash197



  • Bodyslide/Outfit Studio



  • For LUSH (CBBE)
  1. Extract the archive and copy the "CalientTools"  folder and paste/merge with the "CalienteTools" folder from Bodyslide.
  2. Copy the "Meshes" folder and paste/merge where you have the Painted Lady main folder installed.


  • For UUNP
  1. Extract the archive and copy the "BodySlide" folder and paste within the "CalienteTools" folder from Bodyslide; merge the "BodySlide" folders.



[ TUTORIAL ]____________________


How to Safely Add Pubic Hairs to Custom NPC Replacers and Followers




[ CREDITS ]____________________


DorkDiva and NuclearSatan (Bush/Wild/Landing Strip hair meshes)
B3lisario (SKSE plugin and mod plugin)
Vioxsis "Venu Vio, ftw!" (Untamed hair meshes)
Z0mBieP00Nani (dark and less dark texture options)

Markdf (SkyProc Patcher)

Samisme74 (CBBE Bodyslide)

Slash197 (UUNP Bodyslide)
Thanks to Camila, JaFinmongrab, and Xuniana for helping with testing.



[ PERMISSIONS ]____________________


You are permitted to upload this mod to another site provided credit is given to the authors here.
You are permitted to use assets from this mod provided credit is given to the authors here.





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