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After many days of work I'm proud to bring you all the evolution of my Dawnguard Sentries mod from Steam. This mod adds Dawnguard vampire
hunters as extra guards to all the hold capitals in Skyrim, as well as some towns. In those towns, you'll see Vigilants of Stendarr working
with the Sentries. That's done for immersion and variety in NPCs. The Dawnguard are supposed to be reforming after centuries and the Vigilants
need a way to regroup after their HQ was burned

Now compatible with Open Cities and Interesting NPCs

First, Dawnguard is required, as are SKSE64 1.0.5 or newer and SkyUI SE 5.2 to support the MCM Menu.

For Those Who Don't Like SKSE or SKyUI, or just like to keep their mods as simple as possible, I now have a "Lite" version; Dawnguard Sentries Classic in the downloads tab.  Like the main fiile, it's Interesting NPCs and Open Cities Compatible, and it includes all the AI improvements in ver 1.1


So what features does the mod have:

All of them are unique NPCs with distinct faces and a full range of Dawnguard gear. Some even have unique weapons. Some villages are also
patrolled by teams of Dawnguard and Vigilants of Stendarr. VIllages covered are Dragon Bridge, Ivarstead, Riverwood, Rorikstead and Shor's

All Sentries are set up as members of guard factions to make this mod more compatible with When Vampires Attack and Run For Your
Lives. This also means they'll assist guards, make arrests AND FIGHT DRAGONS. Sentries are set to react neutrally to player and follower
vampires however, meaning player vampires can go into town to sell and do quests, so long as they don't attack anybody or have a bounty. Other
NPC vampires will be attacked mercilessly on sight however.

Depending on your personal playing style and which side you're playing on the Dawnguard DLC, the Sentries can be set to Essential, making them
unkillable, or to respawn only, meaning if they're lost in a vampire attack they'll re-appear after 10 game days.

A note on Riften: I also took into account the Thieves Guild quest in the market and positioned the Dawnguard patrols wide enough from that spot to not impact the quest significantly. All Sentries also should disable during Civil War sieges (vanilla game script) so the fight doesn't become unbalanced

Riften's North gate seems a spot of constant attack spawns for me. Now that spot, and the docks are watched by the Dawnguard, as is the Road just
above the Solitude harbor. Mostly for immerison bu they will help with the occasional dragon attack at the Solitude stables. These particular
Sentries can be toggled to Essential or completely disabled in the MCM

Mostly for immersion. After all, the Dwnguard has to keep it's supply lines open. This patrol does a great job of clearing bandits and wolves from
the road. Again they can be set to Essential, Respawn OR toggled completely off if they're too much for you or you're already using Immersive Patrols.

A handful of unique Vampire guards now protect the outside of the Castle. Since the mod has all NPCs walking 24/7, these Vampires have a modified
version of the Vampire sunlight weakness magic effect. They will be significantly weaker in sunlight, but won't take actual damage from it.
Ergo, you have an advantage attacking during the day. These guards are respawn only but can be toggled off

Similar to Castle Volkihar, Fort Dawnguard has it's own security. 10 unique NPC Dawnguard recruits are positioned along Dayspring Canyon standing
guard. They're respawn only but can be disabled via the MCM


So there you have it; a lore friendly, non-cheating and extremely customizable way to protect your favorite NPCs from Vampires and Dragons. The 'When Vampires Attack' and 'Run For Your Lives' mods are also recommended and compatible if you want maximum lore friendly protection for your NPCs. The mod was built with the MCM Menu being the only script added to the game also, so it should be very uninstall and compatibility friendly.

The best part is that thanks to the new MCM Menu, you have multiple options on how to configure the number of Dawngaurd Sentries running about and
if you want them to be killable or not (via essential state toggle options). Basic protection for the capitals and bigger towns, or max it out, it's all up to you.


TRANSLATIONS (OldRim Version):
Dawnguard Sentries Plus - Traduzione ITA by logan1710

Dawnguard Sentries Plus traduction fr by yassincraft

I've played versions of this mod with over 200 other mods installed at once. Thanks to the only scripts it uses being the disable during civil war and MCM scripts, it's very friendly to most other mods.

I have an article on the articles tab listing mods that are known to work with this one, and one that lists all KNOWN conflicts and incompatibilities.  Check those articles before you ask if something works with this mod.

As a basic guideline, the only mods that would probably not work are mods that make major changes to the structure of towns so that the mapped patrol routes for the Sentries wouldn't work. Cosmetic town changes are fine though.  Mods that change AI around or monkey with Factions may also cause erratic behavior by the Sentries.

FUZ RO D-OH for silent dialog. VERY few voices work with the Dawnguard dialog factions, so this will let you "hear" more than a huh? from some Dawnguard Sentries.

Likewise any mod that improves the Textures on the Dawnguard & Vampire equipment. I personally like EcthelionOTW and MissLexi's (absolutely amazing) EotW DAWNGUARD DLC TEXTURES REMASTERED.

If you use a Sevenbase or UNPB body replacer, I also recommend FastestDogInTheDistrict's SEVENBASE ARMOR CONVERSIONS for the Dawnguard & Vampire Armors. Both look similar to the originals, just better textures and they don't make 7B characters look flat chested. Yes, UNPB bodies are so similar that Fastest Dog's mods have worked fine for me as a replacer.

With all that said, I'd also like to give huge THANK YOUs to everybody who's given me an endorsement here or a thumbs up at Steam. I do this for fun and as a learning experience, but the ratings do help give me the motivation to continue.

Likewise huge thanks go out to Crimson Blade, CPU, CDCooley, DarkFox127, lofgren, pevey, EnaiSiaion, Aqqh, FastestDogInTheDistrict, and several others who have all contributed directly or indirectly to my being able to make this mod work. Crimson Blade, mentioned above, was the author of the original Dawnguard Sentries mod. I took over the mod with his permission after he took a break from the game. While the mod has evolved a good deal since then, ALL credit for the original idea and initial work go to him.