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About This File


Manual Installation:


Extract the archives to your Skyrim data folder and enable the esp. Or just use Mod Organizer (much easier).


Manual Uninstallation:


If you used the mod organizer simply remove the mod, otherwise look in the zip file, find the items listed and delete them and the esp file (if there is one). Done.


Change Log:


Version 2.0 Removed Lady Outfits as requested.

Version 1.9

•Added Lady Ritual By Krista

Version 1.8b

•Added Lady Rappelz by Krista (added corrected file, sorry to everyone that downloaded the CBBE version yesterday :D)

Version 1.7b

•Added fix for Lady Sexy Boots

Version 1.7

•Added Nia with working weight slider (Originally by B3lisario)

Version 1.6

•Added Lady Sexy by Krista

Version 1.5f

•Added Fixes to Lady Dark Queen, Blood of the Divines, Lady Arcana, & Blood Mage

Version 1.5

•Added Lady Morag Tong by Krista

Version 1.4

•Added Lady Blood of the Divines by Krista ... Added fix for snow armor

Version 1.3

•Added Lady Chaos by Krista

Version 1.2

•Added Snake Armor by ?

Version 1.1

•Added Lady Arcana by Krista

•Added Lady Dark Queen by Krista

•Added Lady Blood Mage by Krista

•Added Lady Dragon Princess by Krista

Version 1.0

•Added Asian Assassin by Singlebelong




Bethesda for the game

The creators of Nifskope

Zquad1 for his Blender Tutorial - Here

HydrogensaysHDT for his ingenious HDT mods Support thread Here

B3lisario whose awesome conversions drew me to the UNPB body in the first place.

Singlebelong for the Oriental Weapon & Armor Set

? for the Snake Armor




All of my files are free to use resources. Credit is nice, but not required.

There is one caveat, None of my files may be used in paid mods or loaded to steam for any reason. I strongly feel that opening the door to pay to play mods will be the destruction of the best part of the communities that have built up around modding Bethesda and other games.

Known Issues:

There may be some slight clipping in extreme positions with these conversions. There is also an annoying issue that causes some of the skirts to stretch in the dead center. If anyone can offer some help in getting rid of the issues I would be more than happy to hear from you.


Tools Used:





What's New in Version 2.0


  • 2.0 Removed Lady Outfits as requested
  • 1.9 Added Lady Ritual
  • 1.8b Added Lady Rappelz (corrected file)
  • 1.7b Added a double sided texture fix to Lady Sexy Boots
  • 1.7 Added Nia with working weight slider
  • 1.6 Added Lady Sexy
  • 1.5f Some fixes to Dark Queen, BOTD, Arcana, & Blood Mage
  • 1.5 Lady Morag Tong
  • 1.4B Fix on Blood of the Divines
  • 1.4 Blood of the Divines
  • 1.3 Lady Chaos
  • 1.2 Snake Armor
  • 1.1 A few additions
  • 1.0 First Upload