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About This File

This is Alex3474's updated wasteland cloth collection shared with his permission. In addition to the original collection it has complete body ports for Type 3 BB & Alice bodies as well as the original Cali body, plus a lot of random stuff he included. A few ports for other body types, Lots of new items, oblivion ports, a good amount of fallout stuff by other authors; some that he tweaked, some i am not sure. There was a lot of stuff in here i had never seen before.


It is a pretty large amount of files so it is a torrent file. All credit to Alex for his work and the other respective authors for theirs. My contribution is only some geck & nvedit work I did at his request and the meshes with bounce added (only for the original cloth collection). Cali, Alice & BB Bodies done (200+ meshes each body type). I don't plan on doing the others.


You will most likely already have some of the Fallout items already in your respective game folders, and so a part of these files may be repeat for you. I originally had these files seperated but a lot of people had issues with the setup, so it's all back together again. PM me with any questions and happy downloading.


p.s. Before anyone asks, There is one Clothing type that I am unable to add bounce to (JLoutfit). The mesh explodes in blender and I am too much of an ameteur to fix it.



Bethesda & Obsidian for the game

Alex3874 for the mod

Main Download Link (Torrent) by Snarfies (Thanks!)




All of my files are free to use resources. Credit is nice, but not required.

There is one caveat, None of my files may be used in paid mods or loaded to steam for any reason. I strongly feel that opening the door to pay to play mods will be the destruction of the best part of the communities that have built up around modding Bethesda and other games.

Optional Meshes with Bouncing Boobs: (Cali, Alice, & BB bodies only)



Want More Outfits?

Release Paradise Island NV by Alex3874 (Type3Cali, Type3Alice, Type3BB)

MyCloth Collection Conversion Expansion (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

Paradise Island Conversion Expansion (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

New Vegas Outfit Conversion And Parts (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

New Vegas Raider Chains Armor (TypeN, Type6M, Type6BB, BerryK2)

New Vegas CH Raider Conversion - Parts (TypeN, Type6M)


Want Just The Bodies?








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