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  1. No, I didn't want to take a chance of an accident when doing the uninstall, so I went into Computer Management>Disk Management and changed the drive letter for the drive. After uninstalling in steam, I removed the app manifests from the skyrim installation then switched the drive letter back. Running skyrim after that still needs steam, but the skyrimse game just has the "INSTALL" button, no updates offered or demanded. Game runs great with all SKSE and DLLs working as intended, with no worries that my kids are going to accidentally run the update.
  2. I keep my skyrim install on a separate drive. I switched the drive letter to a different one than the one steam knew skyrim was installed on, logged on to steam and clicked "uninstall" for skyrimse. Took half a second as there are no actual files to delete. Steam is still required to boot the game, but it thinks the game is uninstalled so no more update worries. Everything works great and is even a tad faster. Had it this way for a long time when steam had the stream of updates soon after SE was launched. Now my other games can download updates as needed, but Skyrim avoids the AE debacle.
  3. Has anyone looked into redoing this mod using SPID instead of cloak scripts? Looking for a link if it exists.
  4. I just tried the this file's main link and it was working for me. Can you try it again?
  5. PrimarchZero posted that he made a 3BA conversion for at least one of the sets and I have seen some others around already converted to SSE. Unfortunately I won't be doing it.
  6. Post #19 works here as well with MO2, first time to have everything working with Nemesis. The only issue I see is that a lot of times when starting an animation sequence, characters will float in the air for a second or two flapping their arms as if falling. Has anyone else experienced this, and more importantly, does anyone have a fix?
  7. Here is the latest posted version And this is for Nemesis itself https://github.com/ShikyoKira/Project-New-Reign---Nemesis-Main/releases
  8. Just two pages back in this thread, Larasen posted 2 different links for the merfolk race (can't remember exactly which one I have running). I do like the zaz idea better but since I can't get it to go this can take care of the issue in the interim. PCEA2 has a limitation on the number and type of anims for each category. Nemesis has a PCEA that doesnt have those limitations, but I cannot get it to work in its current form for myself. But it is coming.
  9. Similar. I am using the Merfolk mod, not the siren mod. There is a script that automatically changes to mermaid/merman upon entering water deep enough to swim. There is a power to toggle between the forms as well. This works well as there are land animations for the merfolk (crawling and rolling on the ground, etc). Those animations toggle automatically now when your form switches to merfolk, or back to human when you change to human form. I looked at the zaz approach a long time ago, but couldn't get it to work properly and gave up completely for a while. I saw that new mod i referenced in the earlier post, then realized how I could change a couple things and make it work.
  10. Well, success at last! My merfolk will change from human animations in human form to merfolk animations in merfolk form without touching the PCEA2 in the MCM every single time. FNIS PCEA2 Race Switch Fix I loaded this new mod in the CK and added a new keyword that only my MerfolkTailRace would use. After applying the keyword just to the tail race (not the legs race), I changed the script to use the new keyword I added (NoPCEA) instead of the (ActorTypeNPC) keyword already in the script. So I changed this code: Scriptname FNIS_PCEA2RaceSwitchFix extends ReferenceAlias Keyword Property ActorTypeNPC Auto Event OnRaceSwitchComplete() Race PlayerRace = Game.GetPlayer().GetRace() If PlayerRace.HasKeyword(ActorTypeNPC) SendModEvent("PCEA2Task", "refresh") EndIf EndEvent Into this code: Scriptname FNIS_PCEA2RaceSwitchFix extends ReferenceAlias Keyword Property NoPCEA Auto Event OnRaceSwitchComplete() Race PlayerRace = Game.GetPlayer().GetRace() If PlayerRace.HasKeyword(NoPCEA) SendModEvent("PCEA2Task", "refresh") EndIf EndEvent I Loaded up the quest and changed the script properties there to the new keyword, compiled and voila. I just had to set the PCEA2 in MCM one time only to apply the animations to the merfolk form and then it worked fantastic without having to do it again. It's kind of a quick and dirty way of getting it done, but it does what I wanted and perhaps what some of you wanted as well, unless someone already came up with an awesome way of doing this and I just completely missed it. In which case give me a link
  11. Never had a problem with it and I have been using it since you first released it.
  12. Are you using a custom race? If so you might have to either add the race as an option on the ARMA records, or make the race use a vanilla race as an armor template. Also make sure that you downloaded the meshes and textures into the correct folder.
  13. I would be very satisfied if it just had some of the armor destroyed so when you looted the NPC you could only get boots and gloves this time, or maybe those were destroyed and I just got a tunic and a hood, something like that. Anything making it where you got less armor/weapons when you loot bodies.
  14. The bodies in the video look fantastic. I really hope you decide to do both for Oldrim.
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