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About This File

RimJobWorld is a mod for RimWorld that adds a need for sex to pawns that they can satisfy in various ways, including masturbation, prisoner rape, and casual hookups with wandering nymphomaniacs. Also adds genitals to pawns that can be harvested, shot off, or replaced with shiny new bionic versions.


Deleted from nexus after being posted by an unknown author, it was saved from oblivion by SkyStreet, ported to A17, and updated with new features and enhancements by multiple contributors. This version represents the most active fork of the project currently known.

What's New in Version A17_v1_4_4


  • v1.3 to v1.4:
  • - Refactored source files
  • - Added chinese translations
  • - Adjusted selection criteria to prefer fresh corpses
  • - Fixed a number of minor interaction bugs.
  • - Added beastiality trait / jobs
  • - Better compatibility with RimWorldChildren
  • v1.2 to v1.3:
  • - Added breast and anus body parts, along with hydraulic/bionic alternatives
  • - Added necrophilia
  • - Added random rapes
  • - Exposed more parameters in configuration file
  • v1.1 to v1.2:
  • - Updated to A17
  • - Enabled comfort prisoner designation on all colony pawns, prisoners, and faction animals
  • - Enabled pregnancy for raped pawns via RimWorldChildren
  • - Updated mod options
  • v1.0 to v1.1:
  • Added bondage gear
  • - Implemented special apparel type which applies a HeDiff when it's equipped
  • - Implemented locked apparel system which makes certain apparel unremovable except with a special "holokey" item
  • - Implemented new ThingComp which attaches a unique hex ID & engraved name to items
  • - Implemented more ThingComps which allow items to be used on prisoners (or in the case of apparel the item is equipped on the prisoner)
  • - Finally with all the infrastructure done, added the actual bondage gear
  • - Armbinder which prevents manipulation and any sort of verb casting
  • - Gag which prevents talking and reduces eating
  • - Chastity belt which prevents sex, masturbation, and operations on the genitals
  • - Added surgery recipes to remove gear without the key at the cost of permanent damage to the bound pawn
  • - Added recipes to produce the gear (and an intermediate product, the hololock)
  • Started using the Harmony library to patch methods
  • - No longer need to override the Lovin' JobDef thanks to patches in JobDriver_Lovin.MakeNewToils and JobDriver.Cleanup. This should
  • increase compatibility with other mods and hopefully will work smoothly and not blow up in my face.
  • - Patched a bunch of methods to enable bondage gear
  • - Created a custom build of Harmony because the regular one wasn't able to find libmono.so on my Linux system
  • Pawns (except w/ Bloodlust or Psychopath) are less likely to hit a prisoner they're raping if the prisoner is already in significant pain
  • Nymphs won't join-in-bed colonists who are in significant pain
  • STD balance changes
  • - Infections won't pass between pawns unless the severity is at least 21%
  • - Accelerated course of warts by 50% and syphilis by ~20%
  • - Reworked env pitch chances: base chance is lower and room cleanliness now has a much greater impact
  • - Herpes is 33% more likely to appear on newly generated pawns
  • - Pawns cannot be infected if they have any lingering immunity
  • - Syphilis starts at 20% severity (but it isn't more dangerous since the other stats have been adjusted to compensate)
  • - Syphilis can be cured if its severity is pushed below 1% even without immunity
  • STD defs are loaded from XML instead of hardcoded
  • Added some config options related to STDs
  • Sex need won't decline on pawns under age 15
  • Renamed "age_of_consent" to "sex_free_for_all_age" and reduced value from 20 to 19
  • Prisoners under the FFA age cannot be designated for rape
  • v0.9 to v1.0:
  • Reduced the chance of food poisoning from rimming from 5% to 0.75%
  • Added age_of_consent, max_nymph_fraction, and opp_inf_initial_immunity to XML config
  • Pawns whose genitals have been removed or destroyed can now still be raped
  • The "Raped" debuff now stacks
  • Fixed incompatibilities with Prepare Carefully
  • - Mod no longer prevents the PC menu from opening
  • - Reworked bootstrap code so the privates will be re-added after PC removed them (this won't happen in the PC menu, though, only
  • once the pawns appear on the map)
  • - Fixed a crash that occured when PC tried to generate tooltips for bionic privates
  • Fixed derp-tier programming that boosted severity instead of immunity on opportunistic infections
  • Sex satisfaction now depends on the average of the two pawn's abilities instead of their product
  • Flesh coverage stats for the torso are now correctly set when the genitals part is inserted
  • Fixed warts and syphilis not being curable and rebalanced them a bit
  • Sex need now decreases faster when it's high and slower when it's low
  • Nymphs now won't fuck pawns outside their allowed area
  • Fixed "allowed me to get raped" thought appearing on masochists
  • Nymph join event baseChance reduced from 1.0 to 0.67 and minRefireDays increased from 2 to 6

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