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Devious Console

Note: This mod is stil in beta so please use accordingly
Note2: Due to the design of this mod you can get stuck, if you don't like that please don't use this mod.


This mod aims to add an extra layer of protection in a devious playtrough. If you are wearing Devious Devices you can no longer use the console.
If you do try to cheat/use the console there will be a (atm 66%) chance of punishment, if activated in the MCM menu.


At the moment this is the first beta release. I may add extra punishments, if you have an idea let me know in the comments.
I'm also thinking to create a lite version which does not have a MCM but is far less streamlined.

-Devious Devices Integration (and all of it's requirements)
-Latest SKSE, this mod uses the 'registerforkey' function to keep scriptlag to a minimum.


-Vibrate plugs at random intensity.
-Lose all your (standard) DD keys.


-Enable/disable the mod
-Enable/disable punishments
-Enable/disable vibrate punishment
-Enable/disable key steal


If you want to get debug messages you can use the following console command:
set DDCL_DebugEnabled to 1
note: this won't work if you are wearing devices so please start this mod before equipping restraints.


Q: How is different from 'Devious Anticheat' and 'Player_Exhibitionist'?
A: The first mod polls the console key with a constant check for the key. Possible resulting in script lag. The latter mod has blocking as an extra feature, I intend to keep it simpele.


Q: Does this block the 'additemmenu'?
A: Not at the moment and I don't have plans to do so at the moment. If it can be done without much hassle I might add it.


Q: Why does this mod scripting suck?
A: It's my very first mod, constructive feedback is welcome.

Q: I'm stuck and can't use the console.
A: Load an earlier save or use the Skyrim SaveTool to remove all scripts starting with DDCL_
(That's why the warning is on the top of this page)


BadIdea57 & ssonly for their mod on which I based this one.
Kimy for some script fragments.
Darkadathea (Deviantart) for the lock picture used for the MCM blocked screen.
Darkfox127 (Youtube/Nexus.com) for his tutorials.

What's New in Version Beta 1


  • 29-03-2017:
  • Beta 1 release.

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