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Pregnant-Weighted tbbp armor (Bodyslide2) 4.0

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About This File

Pregnancy-weighted TBBP Armor version 4.0




Version 4.0 supports Bodyslide2.

Please note that version 3.1.3 and 4.0 are not compatible. Do not attempt to install both.

I made this mod so that it would work with the Estrus Chaurus mod

http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/149-estrus-chaurus/ and will actually cause the NPC's armor skin/Belly to "grow".

Before installing these armors, I strongly suggest you make a backup of your data/meshes and data/textures folders.

(A Thank you to ChronoTrigger77 for letting me use his skins).


This Bodyslide2 mod is a (WIP), so expect errors.


Version 3.1.3 REQUIREMENTS:

Version 3.1.3 is for CBBE bodies only.

  • CBBE 3.2 or higher
  • A copy of bodyslide2 (if not already included)
  • A Bodyslide2 TBBP compatible skeleton (with Belly node). You should be able to find one somewhere on the LoversLab site.
  • Be sure to download both .zip files that are posted here. "2.0" contains the texture files, 'Preg_armor' has the bodyslide components.


HOW TO INSTALL Release 3.1.3

  1. Unzip and install the files in 'Pregnant-weighted-armor-2.0.7z' (It contains the texture files needed)
  2. Unzip and copy the ShapeData,SliderGroups,SliderPresets, and SliderSets folders to "/CalienteTools/Bodyslide", or wherever your copy of Bodyslide++ resides.
  3. Be sure to overwrite the existing 'ShapeData' 'ShapeGroups',.'SliderSets' and 'Slider Presets' folders and their contents.




Release 4.0 is for HDT bodies only.

  • A copy of HDT Bodyslide (version 1.3)
  • For HDT body physics you must have HD Physics Extension (version 10-24)
  • A copy of bodyslide2
  • To Edit the body physics, you must install the hdtHavok Modifier application.



HOW TO INSTALL Release 4.0:



What's in 4.0:

  • Bandit0, Bandit1, Bandit2 and Bandit3 armors
  • Bandit Bikini
  • Leather Bikini
  • Steel Bikini
  • Blades Armor
  • Nocturnal Robes (Transparent)
  • Leather Armor
  • Scaled Armor
  • Studded Leather Armor
  • Studded Chieftain Armor
  • Imperial Heavy Armor
  • Imperial Medium Armor
  • Imperial Light Armor
  • Iron Armor
  • General Tullius’ Armor
  • Banded Iron Armor
  • Dwarven Armor
  • Forsworn Armor
  • Falmer Armor
  • Glass Armor
  • Elven Armor
  • Light Elven Armor
  • Steel Armor (w/o Pauldrons)
  • Steel Armor (with Pauldrons)
  • Steel Plate Armor
  • Stormcloak Armor
  • Necromancer robe
  • Thieves guild armor
  • Dark Brotherhood Armor
  • Nightingale armor
  • Wolf plate Armor
  • Savior’s Hide
  • Monk Robes
  • Necromancer Robe (generic)
  • Thalmor Robe
  • Vaermina Robe
  • Warlock Robe (generic)
  • Ebony Armor
  • Ebonymail
  • Daedric Armor
  • Dragonplate Armor
  • Dragonbone Armor
  • Orcish Armor
  • Light and Medium Hide armor



One last word of warning. HDT Physics sometimes behaves in unusual ways.

Using large body proportions will cause severe clipping of the armor mesh.

What's New in Version 4.0


  • 12.04.2014- Release 4.0 - HDT Bodyslide2 support.
  • 27.11.2013 - Release 3.1 - Bodyslide support.
  • 01.12.2013 - Release 3.1.1 - Panty bug Fix.
  • 17.12.2013 - Release 3.1.2 - Glass Armor Fix.
  • 19.12.2013 - Release 3.1.3 - Mage, Hooded Mage, Necromancer, Hooded Robe and Blades armor fixes.

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