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If impregnated by Estrus Chaurus, within 5 stages and within 1 day default game time,

a OVI effect skin will be equipped. (see screen, last stage)

After birth of the eggs the skin will be normal again.



there are meshes included, however, you need to build the 5 skins in BS,

CBBE 3BBB Oviposition Body (X) MSN. X are the 5 skins.


The timer is set to fit within 1 day.

You can change this e.g. with XEdit.

Variable fTimerArmor(X)

The main ticker is 60s. So if you want equip the next one in ca 10 min, fTimerArmor should be 9. 

the ticker runs empty the first shoot to set everything, so it's 9min plus 1 min = 10 min.



Credits to   @DuckytheBOT to allow  the use of resources


Credits to @Bane Master for the Estrus Chaurus.

What's New in Version 2.1.0


What's New in Version 2.1.0

Released Tuesday at 09:19 AM



added follower support.




supports your active(current follower(s)



2nd armor set added. CBBE 3BBB Oviposition Body (X1) MSN. X are the 5 skins. Just added figure 1 to 5 to the nif's, BS files.

(e.g. default CBBE 3BBB OVIposition Body 1 MSN --> followers  CBBE 3BBB OVIposition Body 11 MSN)

They use your default skin texture. If you got follower(s) with different body size than default, one cand build those in addition to default body.


As it could cause problems with followers using their own skin texture, you must ENABLE those followers you want to have the effect.

This is done via a spell. Cast adds ability(faction), recast removes. (recast will also remove all OVI armors and the effect will stop).


Followers are handled differently  in EC, so the timers differ, recommend leave them as they are.

The spell works on active followers only ! If you want to remove them from the effect, they need to be active followers !


Tome craftable 1 iron ore or so at smelter.

Spell tome Make Target OVIGirl. Illusion spell.

Again, textures of follower must be default. If you want to change it, path in esp and nif must be set to point to the  follower textures.




added missing (Elb) races.




1. fixed missing hands/feet for Elb.


2. fixed fast travel/cell change for followers removed effect



Optional Caliente files added


added 3 ZAP sliders, default enabled.

hide vagina, anus and whats possible on body to not interfere with pregnant slider


1. skin1 set everything to hidden except OVI belly. Don't use any other sliders than the OVI sliders for this.

2. skin 2 to 5, set to hidden whats possible. The point, pregnant slider moves more than just belly. It inflates breast thighs and more.

    so it's restricted what can be hidden.


If you don't touch the pregnant slider and use just belly slider, one can use the first body and rename it. Than everything is hidden except belly.

This should overcome all those z fighting issues, like slave tats or so.


I upload this as alternative, so the original will be still available.

It's not fast food, you must know what you do.


Caliente files V3.0


different approach to eliminate z fighting.


1. only belly part uses the OVO MSN normal map

2. gained a bit distance between worn(default skin) and OVI skin


now you can use all slider, which make something BIGGER. If doing so, you can also use shiftig sliders, like gravitiy in a limited range.

The range is defined by how much bigger you made something like breast etc. 

Reason, the OVI skin must be always on top with a bit distance to worn skin. As soon as the msn interfere (to close) you will get the z fighting.

Use with care all sliders like X legs and so on the OVI skin. This will put the original skin beyond the OVI skin covered range.

As long as you obey this rules, it's fool proof




added missing Aerola sliders

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