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These are several Nude, wallpaper based "Main Menu" alternatives.




Just use your mod manager.


Overwrite other files during installation.


That's it.


You probably use Clean Menu.

I use it also.


Each main menu has only one ".nif" file, and ".dds" file.

They won't disturb your computer.



Use your mod manager.


Reinstall "Clean Menu" mod again.




When you install one of these Naked Main Menus, you'll see that there have been two files created in new folders:







After the uninstallation, you can check if  "textures\interface" and "meshes\interface" folders still exist or not. If they do, you can delete them.


Main Menu "Version 2" is fancier one.

In its .nif file there are some animations, There is a sound file.


Is this "V.2" necessary?

I don't think so.

They show the same hot babes, the same list.

Maybe, Clean Menu mod would allow to play neither sound file, nor Skyrim logo animation.


How can you create your own Main Menu based on a wallpaper?


In the support website, I explain how I did.

I added wallpaper .dds file, logo.nif file, a .7z archive file that you can use to add your own .dds file, .nif file, folders, then create your .7z main menu package.

I prepared the list of the tools that you might need, and explained how to use them to create your .dds file, etc...


If you have any questions/suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask/tell me...




Have Fun...

:smile: & ;) & :smiley: & :lol: ...





Edited by nehaberlan

What's New in Version 1.0.1


New Adult Main Menu Screens in different categories...

New 14 Main Menus.

Maddy O'Reilly, Vanilla DeVille, and Jillian Janson.


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