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About This File

Version 3.0 of the mod now supports other mods uploading animations and registering new races!


This mod is now a framework/esm designed with two things in mind: Better stability and the ability to be used in other mods. To help facilitate this, I'm now including the source code for the mod in the downloads.




As of Version 2.0, Creature Framework is a hard dependency of the mod. This also means that the animals will have dicks now.


What is this mod:


This mount adds and enables alternative riding styles to be called. More succinctly, it's a bestiality/bondage based mod revolving around riding several different types of animals found throughout Skyrim.


Using The Mod, or How does it work:


(Read this before posting for help, or I am likely to start ignoring your questions as I have been answering the same things repeatedly!)


Currently, there is only a basic implementation in this file. Hopefully some creative modders will use this to make fun plug-in mods and creative scenarios.


For this framework, the only way to currently get an actor riding is to target an individual and use the menu key. The menu key can be set inside of the MCM, and the default key is is the Numpad (-) key. Once you're inside the menus it should hopefully be fairly intuitive. You will not mount anything in an alternative style if you attempt to use the regular action key. Unlike previous version, you can now turn any valid race into a mount, meaning you can use your favorite pet horse and no longer have to summon them. However, currently there are only 4 slots for riders/mounts. If needed/requested I might extend this in the future, but for the time being it is good enough.


In order to change the rider position, use the X, Y, and Z keys that can be set in the MCM. By holding the shift direction key (default bind is Left-Shift) you will change the position in the negative direction. The position will not update while riding, but should update upon remounting.


Currently, the mount MUST be one of the following races: HorseRace, WolfRace, GiantRace, AtronachFrostRace, WerewolfRace. Custom versions of these races WILL NOT WORK. (As of the new version, additional races can be added by other mods).




If you are having trouble getting the mod to work, before posting do the following:


1) Re-run FNIS to make sure that the animations are loaded.
2) In game, open the console and type "Stopquest _RS2Quest", and then "Startquest _RS2Quest". There is a space between the startquest/stopquest and the questname (_RS2Quest in this case).
3) If BOTH of these fail to fix the problem, when you post requesting for help, take a screenshot of the target you are trying to mount, with the console window open and the target selected and post it when asking for help.


Installation Instructions:


If you have a previous version of this mod, nuke it from orbit and then make a clean save before installing this new version.




1) Download the mod


2) Install the mod (recommending use of a mod manager)


3) Run FNIS to generate the animations


4) Load into a clean save and try it out




Requirements (New Requirements as of V2.0):


For all of these, I would recommend using the latest versions of them.
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
Fore New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS)
Mod Configuration Menu (MCM)
Creature Framework




How do I make a mod to plug in to this?


Making a mod connect to this should (hopefully), be fairly simple. Load the Riding Styles mod as an ESM and connect your script to the _RS2Functions script (Property should look something like _RS2Functions Property RS2Functions Auto). Once connected there are a few functions of interest:


1) MountActor(Actor Mount, Actor Rider, String Modname, Int Index) As you might have guessed from the name, this function attempts to mount the Rider actor on the Mount actor, and if a Modname and Index are provided, attempts to use the animation registered to the mod at the index location for the mounting.  If Modname or Index aren't provided it chooses a random available animation for that race.


2) DismountActor(Actor Mount, Actor Rider): Like the previous, but in reverse!


3) SetMount(Actor Mount): Sets an actor to be a riding styles mount


Registration Functions are given in the _RS2RegisterFunctions script.  Hook into it the same way as with the other functions, and this is where you can do all the new registration things with your mod. (It might looks like _RS2RegisterFunctions Property RS2Reg Auto)


1) RegisterNewMountAnimation(String ModName, Int Index, Race Mountrace): Registers a new set of AA animations for a Mountrace (which will propagate to all members of that "race" behaviour set, such as all types of horses, or all types of giants, that are registered).  The ModName is the ModName FNIS is using for the animation set (not the Prefix), the Index is the index location of that AA set (From 0-9).  Once this is registered, RidingStyles will attempt to use these animations as part of it's repertoire.


2) RegisterNewMountRace(Race MountRace, Formlist MountRaceFormlist): This is relateively straight forward for registering new races to work with Riding Styles animations.  The race is the race you want to register to, and the MountRaceFormlist is one of the formlists you can find in the Riding Styles Mod.  For example, if you are trying to register a new race to the horse block, you would choose _RS2HorseRaces as the MountRaceFormlist.  If you are trying to register, say, a Spider, you want to register to the _RS2SpiderRaces.  If you are unsure where you register the race to, look to the path of the races skeleton and go there.  If a formlist for that race doesn't exist, let me know and I'll add it.


Finally, there is one more set of function locations, which _RS2AAScript (Hooking into which may look like _RS2AAScript Property RS2AA Auto).  There is only one function of importance that you should be calling here, which is:


1) InitAnims(String ModPrefix, String Modname): ModPrefix is the 3 letter prefix associate with FNIS and Modname is the Modname associated with FNIS.  This is what lets Riding styles find the appropriate AA animations to play from your mod.


So, to put all of this together, you may have an initializing script that looks like:


RS2AA.InitAnims(MyModPrefix, MyModName)

RS2Reg.RegisterNewMountRace(MyNewMammothRace, _RS2MammothRaces)

RS2Reg.RegisterNewMountAnimation(MyModName, 0, MyNewMammothRace)


And a different script that looks like:



RS2Fun.MountActor(MammothMount, Player, MyModName, 0)

(Some other code that waits while we ride around)

RS2Fun.DismountActor(MammothMount, Player)


If you have any issues or want more information on how the mod works, I'm happy to try and help.



Known Issues with current version:

  • I have had a report of this causing issue with FNIS PCEA2 (Disabling the animations from the mod) and that certain other mods that add events while riding cause the character to, at least temporarily, break out of animation.
  • There appears to be a problem (from my testing, at least) with mounting followers when using some of the follower frameworks. I'm unlikely to dig through the code there to figure out what's wrong but if anyone has any suggestions I'm listening.
  • Animations are bad/misaligned/etc. Yes, I know. Go convince one of the excellent animators on LL to make new ones and I'll happily replace everything.


As always, I love to see your screenshots of using the mod!




You are free to use this mod as a part of another mod as long as you are not redistributing it.  If you let me know where you are using it, I am happy to update the mod page and let others know where this mod is being used.


- Having an NPC ride is working better than it was before I posted this, but it is still possible to have weird physics thing happen (I'm sorry, Lydia, for flinging you from Whiterun to Solitude) so always make sure to keep a safety save when using this mod.
-Other things as people find them.
-I have had a few crashes/freezes on dismounting. I have no idea what causes it other than sometimes Skyrims decides to stop doing things.


Thanks and Credit:
Special thanks to Haeretic who helped me out with a lot of the initial thoughts on the new framework
EternalBlack for making the mountings for the horse/wolf harnesses
Gone for several of the meshes/textures in this mod
Zaz for originally giving me this idea with the Oblivion Mod
Bethesda for Skyrim and making me waste far too much trying to make their freaking horse system work like I want
Unnamed People - There are probably some people from whom I have used their work, either getting permission at some point and then forgetting from who or possibly not getting permission. If you recognize a nif/texture etc in the mod and you know where it comes from, and they aren't listed here, please let me know. I want the original authors to get the credit they deserve.

As of Version 2.0, Creature Framework is a hard dependency of the mod. This also means that the animals will have dicks now.

What's New in Version V3.0


  • V3.0:
  • I think I actually did it.
  • And by it, I mean that RidingStyles now allows other mods to register new legal races as mounts, new animations for mounts, and other things.  Currently, there is only support for up to 12 animations for a type of mount (I.e. Horses, Giants, etc), but I can expand this later if it becomes an issue (which is fairly trivial to do, but I felt like I would decrease processing power until it's needed).  Also, only up to 12 mods can currently register animations (If you are seeing a pattern, yes, I choose 12 for most of these things).
  • Mod should be more stable overall.  I think.
  • Currently there is one "problem" which is if you are using the menu key (which is what you are probably using right now), the riding animation choice will be randomly determined (And only the bannerless horse equipment is activated).  I might try and fix this a bit later in the menu options, but for the time being I'll leave it as a "sorry, next version"
  • I am leaving V2.2 up in case V3.0 ends up having great issue.
  • V2.2:
  • -More Fixes/Modifications
    • Changed race handling, should no longer have sexlab issues with mounts that are not being ridden (It takes 10 seconds after dismounting for an actor to revert races)
    • Made some back end changes that should make it a bit more robust (And added a few more error messages for trouble shooting issues)
  • V2.1:
  • -Fixed several Issues:
    • Stashing and Reclaming gear should work
    • Skeletons should no longer overwrite other skeletons
    • Mount gear should properly show
    • Giant is currently slightly messed up (no penis).  Not sure what the problem is at the moment
    • Several unneeded/unused meshes removed from the install
    • Other things, probably
  • V.20:
  • -Fixed Issues with Key Remapping
  • -Fixed A bunch of things on the backend
  • -Creature Framework is now a hard dependency for the mod and will supply the genitalia
  • -Creatures should not scale to appropriate sizes
  • -Animations still suck
  • V.15:
  • - Added some additional Scripting and version control
  • - Fixed some broken .nifs
  • - Added some backend options for overriding which animation is used
  • - Added better framework choice of which mounting nif to use
  • V1.4:
  • -Skeleton changes to some of the races. This may conflict with other mods that replace Vanilla skeletons for some of the races (Wolf, Atronach, Giant, Werewolf)
  • V1.3:
  • -And Now has the proper animation path.
  • V1.2:
  • -Now includes the proper behaviors file
  • V1.1:
  • -Now actually includes the MCM Script rather than trying to force players to write their own.
  • Riding Styles 2, V1.0:
  • -Mod converted from hodgepodge of programs to something resembling a mod
  • -File is a now an ESM with functionality to be plugged into by other mods
  • -Most of the mounting/dismounting problems are (seemingly) fixed
  • -You can now choose any random creature of the appropriate race to serve as a Riding Styles Mount
  • -You can also now have more individuals riding at once
  • -The animations still suck
  • -So do the meshes I had to make myself

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