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♪The Sims has a whorehouse in it!

(Chorus: Lord have mercy on our souls)

I'll expose the facts although it fills me with disgust,

Please excuse the filthy dark details ... and carnal lust!♪



For a number of reasons, I've been wanting to focus on careers and Active careers specifically.  I love the story-telling aspect of them but learning how to code for the sims has been a bit of  a learning curve. 


The full, active prostitute career is ready!  I keep looking at one or two issues as if they're a tragedy but

  1. Some issues are a decent stopgap for other issues I'm struggling with.
  2. None make the mod any less playable.
  3. They kind of add a great, chaotic and unique game addition depending on what mods you've already got.  More on that below.   



Current Status Update - 2024-02-13


0.93 Notes


Please note - though this might not look it on the surface, .93 is a total overhaul of a lot of the game elements.  As such, old saved games will not work.  The brothel is about the only thing that will carry over but anyone in the GTGirls career will go back to being unemployed. 



Installation / A note on the files


For Both Brothel and Career Functionallity

  • Download the GTG_v0.92b file and unzip the contents.  Move both the Errantred_GoodTimeGirls.package and Errantred_GoodTimeGirls.ts4script files into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder.  That's it for installation.
    • If you like to keep  your mod folder organized, you can only keep these files one folder down.
      • IE : if you put the .package and .ts4script into "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\Careers\" it will be fine and the mod will work properly.  If you put these files into "...Mods\Careers\ErrantRed\" it will NOT work properly. 
    • You will need the core requirements (listed below) for everything to work properly.


The Brothel

The functionallity of the brothel is in the main GTG_v0.92b file.  If that and a compatable venue list (see requirements) is installed then you are all set to select it from the venue drop-down in the build/buy menu.

  1. The venue currently has no in-game requirements for objects / facilities.
  2. You can create your own from an empty lot, pick a random house, or download the BrothelBlueprint_v0.2 as a (huge) version of what it could be.
    1. The functionallity of the brothel IS NOT in the BrothelBlueprint_v0.2 file.  It is in the GTG_v0.92b file.
  3. You MUST make sure the venue type is 'Brothel' from the drop-down for all the girls, staff, and other clients to show up.
  4. You do not need to join the career to enjoy the brothel's services.


The Careers

With this release, both GTGirls career variants are in the same GTG_v0.92b file. 

  1. If you DO NOT have the "Go To Work" DLC installed:
    1. You'll see the Good Time Girls listed in your career selection screen in normal alphabetical order.  Join it and enjoy like any other career!
    2. You will go to a rabbit hole for your work day.  You can also WFH and/or go to the brothel venue, if you have a brothel venue set up.
      1. You won't get the same 'career event' rewards for your time but 'working with clients' still gets you job performance bumps and helps reaching objectives.  
  2. If you DO have the "Go To Work" DLC installed,
    1. You will see two careers in your career selection screen.  The description for the BG will let you know which one your picking, or you can toggle by 'type' in the normal UI interface to switch between active careers and rabbit-holes.
    2. You MUST have a brothel venue in the game in order to follow your sim to work.  If you do not, you will go into a rabbithole for your shift.



BrothelBlueprint_v0.2 File -

  1. This is a blueprint for a brothel only. You don't need to use it. It's modeled off of the Oakenstead home in the base game which is unowned at the beginning of a new game which is one of the reasons I picked it.
    1. Unzip all files from the zip file and copy them into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray folder - NOT the Mods folder. That's it!
    2. It is a huge lot and and huge house. 
    3. It will get trimmed when being placed on a smaller lot. 
    4. It does not come as a 'venue' by default.  You still need to pick that from the venue type list.





Good Time Girls - Base Game


Simply choose 'Good Time Girls' from the list of available jobs and you're ready to start making money off your body! The ten level career path will take you from being a common Tart to a highly desired Madame. This career is only for the ladies – a similar 'Male' mod is now in progress and should be testing soon.


The brothel venue is available for you to use - but you do not need to use the brothelvenue zip file - the venue is available to you in the build / buy menu so long as you have the required venue lists.  The brothel can be used by a randy man looking for fun or by a pro looking for a place to pick up tricks.  It's an option but not one that allows active career participation because of the DLC requirement.



Good Time Girls - Active Career



To Start: you need to create a brothel venue. This means selecting the Brothel option from the drop-down in Build / Buy when building your own or installing the BrothelVenue game files and ensuring that the lot type is set to be a brothel. If there is no brothel in any neighborhood, your character will simply go to work as if it's a rabbit-hole career.


That being said, once a venue is established in the game world, choose 'Good Time Girls' from the list of available Active careers and you're ready to start making money off your body. When your shift starts, you'll be asked if you want to join them (an active day) or send them alone (rabbit-hole).


When at your job, you should check in with the madame and get some advice from her, get friendly with the other girls, and flirt your way to offering yourself for paid sex with the clients (if they don't ask you for it first). You need to check in with the Madame at least once to advance in level and she's not always there.


The 'Uniform' for all Good Time Girls is a random generation of clothes that are tagged with 'Sleep' - so anything in the EA releases you have downloaded, or any CC / Mods you've downloaded that are tagged as sleepwear will be part of the pool used to generate the girls' uniforms.


Suggestions / Tips


- While the ts4script that comes with the game works well, I've found at also having the xml injetor makes some interactions and events run a bit more smoothly.   This is not something I was expecting and I'm going to be looking to why this is the case for inclusions into my own script.

- If you don't want clients having sex with one another at the brothel (or the girls playing with other girls) then you may want to click off the WW autonomy options.  I'm considering doing this automatically but that would disable the option across your whole game, not just at the brothel.





Base Game (Version 1.103.250)

Get to Work DLC (GTG-Active only)

TURBODRIVER's Whicked Whims  (Supports up to Version 178a)

NisaK's Wicked Perversions (Supports up to Version 3.3ka)

Most Current Zerbu's Venue package or Basemental's Universal Venue List. (For Brothel Venue in Build / Buy)  - Please note - only have one venue list at a time!  Having both causes issues and not just with my mod. 




Currently have a French translation thanks to Angelus75!

More to come soon - they're just not ready yet.


Currently Working On 


Future Plans -

  • Most of my focus is now on Good Time Guys and getting the text / images filled out for that to be released.

  • More interactions and situations.  There's a gold mine in 'emergency' and 'house call' situations that can be applied to both active and BG careers.  Even WFH should have better options and I'm going to work on that.  

  • Uniforms. I still love the sleepwear.  The girls show up in some wild stuff depending on what kind of clothes you've got installed.  Addding the option to pick a specific outfit for a specific girl may be ... tricky.  So I'm gonna sit on that for a while.

  • 'Taking over the brothel' is another point on the same level of tricky at the moment.  But I do want you to be able to offer jobs / fire and manage the brothel more. 

  • Fame and satisfaction system.  How you do and satisfy should affect the word of mouth around town, so I really do want to add that in.  I may also extend this by making the madame it's own career track and having her be responsible for the venue's fame.



A huge “Thank You!” for the people who already support me – and for all the positive feedback I've already gotten. If you want to contribute for the further development of this and other mods, please donate to my patreon or on Ko-fi! You'll get access to my discord, polls for what gets worked on next and spit-balling for long-term development goals. I also have hats. 


Special Thanks!

It would, of course, be in poor taste for me not to mention the giants whose shoulders I'm standing on.  Please donate to their Patreons and show them love!





Edited by errant.red
.92b Update

What's New in Version 0.93   See changelog


Fixed Interactions based on location (sometimes offer yourself was not working or available)

Added new interactions for most job tasks (flirt, compliment, etc)

Changed a little tuning to make arriving at the brothel more seamless

Removed a few objectives that were not idea.

Tweaked active career objectives

Removed the 'Birth Control' pill option from the headstart objectives (WW changed up birth control pills so I may add this back)

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