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Ultimate Nudity is a one-for-all mod, because it offers any way to introduce nudity into the game, I know. I developed 8 different nudity doctrines. Also, I adapted the nudist traditions from Nudist Kings by Neo5niper and the nudity decisions from Nudity Toggle by bokomaroko. I asked them for permission, but only received an answer from Neo5niper, so I guess it’s okay.

Furthermore, I added a nudist trait.



Ultimate Nudity introduces a new group of religious doctrines named View on Nudity. You’ll find it in the clergy section of your faith’s window. This group includes the doctrines:

  • Vested Adherents (which serves to deactivate any other nudity doctrine)

  • Vested Priesthood (which serves to deactivate any other nudity doctrine for priests)

  • Nude Priests

  • Nude Priestesses

  • Nude Priesthood (which is the relocated special doctrine Naked Priests)

  • Nude Men

  • Nude Women

  • Nude Adherents


The nudity doctrines are incompatible with the natural primitivism tenet. And you can’t choose the nude priests’ doctrine or the nude men’s doctrine as long as the culture of your head of faith follows the nudist females’ tradition and vice versa.


NOTE: Right from the beginning, every faith has opted for one of the choices, each doctrine group offers. Of course, the nudity group introduced by this mod won’t be included. But that’s no problem. As soon, as you decide to create a new faith, the vested adherents' doctrine will be shown and preselected. It’s available for the lowest possible piety costs.


The adapted cultural traditions are:

  • Nudist Males

  • Nudist Females

  • Nudist People

They are located in the societal cultural traditions.


The included nudity decisions are:

  • General Nudity

  • Male Nudity

  • Female Nudity

  • No Nudity


All these denominations are self explaining, I guess.


For all these kinds of nudity there is an age limit, because humans of a certain age (which is 60) easily get cold and need to wear clothings (Okay, you might as well say, they look a sight). I made some exceptions from this restriction. Of course for the player, its consorts and also for independent rulers and immortals.

And for marshals and knights, I cancelled nudity during times of war, because nothing looks more ridiculous, than a nude fighter during battle.


For all those, who dont share my special kind of humour, I made a version without these limits. Just download ultimate_nudity_#-#-#_unlimited.zip.


If you are looking for an unlimited and/or individual approach to nudity, you’ll find two friendly actions in the interaction menu.

First Nudism, by which you can acquire for any character the Nudist trait. Together with this trait, the character will gain some character modifiers, by which they will receive a bonus to attraction opinion and – depending on if they are a ruler and/or a priest – a bonus to monthly prestige and/piety gain.

Furthermore, you’ll find in the interaction menu for any character within diplomatic range the friendly actions Undress Character and Dress Character.


The different approaches to nudity don’t interfere with each other in that way, that deactivating one won’t switch off any others. So a priest of a faith with the nude priests’ doctrine, and belonging to a culture with the nudist males’ tradition, won’t enrobe himself after giving up the nude priests’ doctrine.


NOTE 1: Until version 1.2.2 the Undress Character interaction and the Nudity decisions added the character flag is_naked, provided by the vanilla game for some “bedroom events, which meant, that the flag was removed after such an event. To get rid of this interference, the Undress Character interaction and the Nudity decisions now add individual flags, but don’t remove the character flag is_naked. To remove this flags, added by an older version of this mod, use the Remove flag decision.

If you have characters individual undressed by the aforementioned interaction, I recommend undressing them again, to add the new flag, before using the “Remove flag” decision.


NOTE 2: In version 1.4.1 the Undress Character interaction and the Nudity decisions added the same character modifiers to the character as the Nudist trait. That has been changed with version 1.4.2, but the modifier will still be valid until the character is dressed again or the nudity decision is toggled off.


I also spiced up the descriptions and explanations, to increase the immersion.


This mod contains an English and a German localization. For all other standard languages, I added a localization using the English language.



The backbone of this mod is the should_be_naked_trigger in the zzz_ultimate_nudity_clothing_triggers_overwrites.txt, that overwrites the vanilla trigger in 00_clothing_triggers.txt. Therefore, every other mod, that overwrites the should_be_naked_trigger too, is incompatibly with this mod. The good news is, that the Community Flavor Pack doesn’t use this trigger and therefore doesn’t cause problems AFAIK.

Unfortunately, the Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded (EPE) mod includes this trigger. But as far as I can judge, my should_be_naked_trigger will overwrite it without problems, because its the same trigger as in vanilla and in a file also named 00_clothing_triggers.txt.


Furthermore, the should_be_naked_trigger of this mod contains every parameter, provided by the same trigger from the Carnalitas-framework. Because of its name, the zzz_ultimate_nudity_clothing_triggers_overwrites.txt overwrites its zzz_carn_00_clothing_triggers_overwrites.txt. Therefore, Ultimate Nudity mod is compatible with the Carnalitas-framework.


You can play any saved game with this mod and deactivate it anytime without getting problems, because my should_be_naked_trigger only refers to functions, included in this mod. Therefore, after deactivating this mod, none of its features should be missed.

Moreover, the relocation of the special doctrine Naked Priests shouldn’t cause any problems with existing save games. I didn’t change its name special_doctrine_naked_priests, just the localization files. So, if you already added it to your faith, it’s still valid, but moved from the special section to the clergy section.


This mod is only compatible with ironman, but not with achievements.

Edited by GeniusMind
Updated description for version 1.4.2

What's New in Version 1.4.3


No changes; just ascertained compatibility with game version 1.8 "Robe".

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