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This mod (GIFT) provides a gateway between supported games and various toys / devices that you might own IRL. Various events in-game trigger responses such as vibrations / shocks, or manipulating the user's lock on Chaster (if enabled).


This mod is very light-weight, and will not lag your game at all. This mod runs in the background and reads the Papyrus log that the game writes, and reacts to it.


View the README here for up-to-date documentation: https://github.com/MinLL/GameInterfaceForToys


Currently Supported Games

  • Skyrim (LE + SE + AE + VR).
    • SexLab
    • Devious Devices
    • Toys & Love
    • Sexlab Defeat
    • Naked Defeat
  • Fallout 4
    • AAF
    • AAF Violate
    • Devious Devices
    • Boston Devious Helper
  • Mount and Blade: BannerLord
    • Captive Events
    • TBCaptivity
    • BC Captor



Supported Toys

  • Lovense
  • Kizuna
  • Buttplug.io (Many different toy types)
  • Chaster (Chastity Integration)
  • DG-Lab Coyote (E-Stim)





Hey Folks! Decided to play a bit of Skyrim for the first time in years. Naturally, I wanted to include some of my new purchases in this gameplay. I've written a script to allow for Sex Toys (like Lovense) to react to events that happen in Skyrim. Currently the script responds to Devious Device vibration events, and SexLab scenes, as well as various world events (Such as being hit in combat). Open to more ideas for things to trigger them. This should work with any of Lovense's toys, though some may require additional scripting to fully take advantage of their features. This approach can also be expanded for other toys, assuming they expose a friendly API.


The mod plays different patterns in response to different events; For example, being hit with an arrow feels different than being hit by an axe. Anal feels different than Oral, etc.


As opposed to earlier versions, the current version of this mod does not require you to install Python, or any dependencies. Just download the mod, and run the executable. The source for this mod (And the latest version) is hosted on Github here.


This script does not currently directly with the Skyrim process at all. This script runs in the background parsing the Papyrus log that Skyrim generates, and reacts to patterns that occur within the log. No script load, no chance of crashes. I have recently added a small plugin to the mod which watches for in-game events, and writes entries to the log. Extremely light-weight, low load.


This script also supports Chaster! The current implementation requires a developer token (You can apply for this on Chaster). If others use this feature, I'll eventually add oauth support. This script can:

* Add time to a lock.

* Assign a task to the user of the lock (Task Extension)

* Roll the dice (Dice Extension)

* Spin the wheel of fortune (Wheel of fortune extension).





Watches the log looking for in-game events such as DD vibrations and SexLab scenes. On finding either, sends a command to the toy to start a vibration. For SexLab scenes, stops the vibration when the scene is over. Varies the strength and pattern of the vibration depending on the source of the event.

If using Chaster, spins the wheel when your character is knocked down via Defeat. When the whole party is defeated, adds a configurable amount of time to your lock. If using e-stim, applies a mild shock when hit, scaling in intensity as more damage is taken.


Also watches the log for stack dumps, and immersively notifies you when these occur. These happen very rarely in my setup, but I always reload if they do.





View the full instructions and the project's documentation, here: https://github.com/MinLL/GameInterfaceForToys



Future Plans

Hmmm. More better?





Sirah - Buttplug.io and Kizuna implementations, and general contributions!

Polite_Paddemelon - DG-Lab support!

Zoollcar - XBox Controller and Winsound support!

SprintElek - XToys Webhook Implementation!

Edited by Min

What's New in Version 1.4.0


  • Adds more Test Shock buttons.
  • Enabled XToys support. See the updated readme for instructions on how to setup. A huge thanks to @SprintElek for writing the xtoys webhook!
  • Event config modal is now resizable. Intended to fix issues with this menu for low resolution users.

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