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  1. Hey @Ashal - Thanks for updating PapyrusUtil.dll for VR! Any chance I could convince you to release the source for SexlabUtil.dll so that I can port it?
  2. Haven't been around in a while! Did PapyrusUtil and SexlabUtil.dll ever get ported over to the VR version? That was blocking my attempts to port DD last time I was around.
  3. Hey @t3h0th3r - Figured I'd check back in again, and see if PapyrusUtil / SexlabUtil had updated to work for VR yet. This was blocking my attempt to port DD last time around.
  4. I use CBEE with XP32, and I don't have that issue. The hands/feet are not missing from the clone, for me. I am not, however, using VR body. Maybe that's the issue?
  5. I've updated the opening post with instructions for getting MCM working in SkyrimVR.
  6. Sorry, I didn't pack that very well. Copy it in to your scripts/ folder.
  7. That's part of the original mod. I think there's an MCM option to disable that. Do you have MCM working for your game? I'd post my own (half-working) copy, but the author of SkyUI doesn't allow third party patches.
  8. Ehh. It's pretty fun, but it's definitely not as well supported as SE / LE yet.
  9. I'd appreciate a download section for VR (Either under Skyrim, or grouped under a common "Virtual Reality" forum), so that I have somewhere to release my mods / patches.
  10. Nope. Sexlab utilizes both PapyrusUtil.dll and SexlabUtil.dll, neither of which are compatible with Skyrim VR. It's possible to port, but we're going to have to wait for @Ashal to do so as the source is not publicly available.
  11. I've ported this mod to be compatible with Skyrim VR. Check it out, if you've got a headset: @fishburger67: Let me know if you want me to take this down.
  12. I've fixed a bug in FlowerGirls, and patched Love Slaves / Sex Slaves to be compatible with SkyrimVR:
  13. Hey Everyone. I've been playing with my new Headset, and have been playing with some of the great mods available. However, it hasn't been smooth sailing. I've hit quite a few VR specific issues, which I'm fixing as I go. This thread will contain all of the patches that I create for various mods to be compatible with Skyrim VR. SkyUI / MCM: FlowerGirls 2.0.1: Love Slaves for Flower Girls v68: Future Plans: I plan on patching Devious Devices to work with Skyrim VR at some point. Unfortunately, the source for PapyrusUtil and SexlabUtil is not available, so I am unable to port Sexlab to Skyrim VR. I'm considering modifying DDi to remove the dependency on PapyrusUtil, and recommending the use of Sexlab Light as a workaround. dxscenethread.pex
  14. For anyone else having trouble with this mod on VR (Scenes not progressing / threads not freeing), there's a bug with the VR version of FlowerGirls. Patched it myself, and let the author know about it. Attached is a fix. dxscenethread.pex
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