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  1. Hey @Ashal - Thanks for updating PapyrusUtil.dll for VR! Any chance I could convince you to release the source for SexlabUtil.dll so that I can port it?
  2. Haven't been around in a while! Did PapyrusUtil and SexlabUtil.dll ever get ported over to the VR version? That was blocking my attempts to port DD last time I was around.
  3. Hey @t3h0th3r - Figured I'd check back in again, and see if PapyrusUtil / SexlabUtil had updated to work for VR yet. This was blocking my attempt to port DD last time around.
  4. I use CBEE with XP32, and I don't have that issue. The hands/feet are not missing from the clone, for me. I am not, however, using VR body. Maybe that's the issue?
  5. I've updated the opening post with instructions for getting MCM working in SkyrimVR.
  6. Sorry, I didn't pack that very well. Copy it in to your scripts/ folder.
  7. That's part of the original mod. I think there's an MCM option to disable that. Do you have MCM working for your game? I'd post my own (half-working) copy, but the author of SkyUI doesn't allow third party patches.
  8. Ehh. It's pretty fun, but it's definitely not as well supported as SE / LE yet.
  9. I'd appreciate a download section for VR (Either under Skyrim, or grouped under a common "Virtual Reality" forum), so that I have somewhere to release my mods / patches.
  10. Nope. Sexlab utilizes both PapyrusUtil.dll and SexlabUtil.dll, neither of which are compatible with Skyrim VR. It's possible to port, but we're going to have to wait for @Ashal to do so as the source is not publicly available.
  11. I've ported this mod to be compatible with Skyrim VR. Check it out, if you've got a headset: @fishburger67: Let me know if you want me to take this down.
  12. I've fixed a bug in FlowerGirls, and patched Love Slaves / Sex Slaves to be compatible with SkyrimVR:
  13. Hey Everyone. I've been playing with my new Headset, and have been playing with some of the great mods available. However, it hasn't been smooth sailing. I've hit quite a few VR specific issues, which I'm fixing as I go. This thread will contain all of the patches that I create for various mods to be compatible with Skyrim VR. SkyUI / MCM: FlowerGirls 2.0.1: Love Slaves for Flower Girls v68: Future Plans: I plan on patching Devious Devices to work with Skyrim VR at some point. Unfortunately, the source for Pap
  14. For anyone else having trouble with this mod on VR (Scenes not progressing / threads not freeing), there's a bug with the VR version of FlowerGirls. Patched it myself, and let the author know about it. Attached is a fix. dxscenethread.pex
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