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  1. Yeahhh it comes up every now and then 😄. But floppysos is largely based on hdt-pe so porting it to SE would mean rewriting nearly all of it for smp, it would essentially be a new mod 😵. I stopped modding skyrim sometime around when SE came out, but it looks like it has fine dong physics now!
  2. So good to see this thread is still kicking ass 😄 Also, great work, @donnerwetter@FutaNemesislol!
  3. No worries, glad to hear it's working 👍
  4. In what way does it not work? Crash to desktop? Does it happen consistently or randomly?
  5. Hello jopie. Huge apologies for sending this in your board, but just in case you don't see my post in the Floppy SOS forum. I'm having a problem that you might be able to help me, it's all written there. Your mod is the last one for me to reach that perfect final Skyrim game. Apologies again!

  6. Sliders used in that gif are genitals roll 1 through 4. But keep in mind that enabling HDT on the schlong will reduce the curve a bit, so you may want to compensate for that in racemenu.
  7. It's just racemenu, look for the Roll sliders on the genitals parts.
  8. I'll help you: I didn't make ANY promises. I get requests, try to implement as many as I have time for, but I never promised anything. Everything? Surely SOME people are enjoying the mod I made... And what have you given the community? Except for negativism and flaming?
  9. Yes, most likely an FPS issue. When using HDT-PE, make sure you're in the 30-60 range. You can toggle FPS counter via enb ( Numpad * = Show/Hide FPS Counter ) or via Steam settings.
  10. True, it's unfinished (forever w.i.p.) and has some bugs. What promised features do you mean?
  11. Are you talking about a floppysos xml? They don't contain NiStringExtraData tags; Floppysos assigns hdt dynamically, using scripting. If you just want to disable hdt, you can use the key bindings (shift+del for self or shift+insert for target), or set the default to 'disabled' in the floppysos menu.
  12. Help wanted I'm gonna try and get v2.4 up & ready. But I could use some help with testing the new code -- if anyone wants to beta test, please send me a message. Thanks!
  13. Hey! Nice to see you're still around Btw, the futa topic needs updating, or at least its title does ?
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