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Please read install instructions! The CC is held within a torrent files!


Make sure to check all trait and career mods as well as those listed as required. I cannot offer support for mods not listed on this page.


This is a combined effort of over several months to bring you a world that is grounded yet familiar when it comes to the Sims.


The world is filled with things like wholesome families, pill popping party throwing college students, criminal empires, pornstars, and memorable Maxis reimaginings that I promise won't murder your childhood! ... Probably!




@mrrakkonn: Original project creator and primary contributor.


@PECO.: Guest Sim contributor.


@MaxPayne1989: Guest Sim contributor.


@Tibo131: Guest Sim contributor.


@Santana-Red: Guest Sim contributor.


@JBILANT: Guest Sim contributor.


@Zizo225: Guest Sim contributor.


@Crimson Rose: Guest Sim contributor.


@SocialOwl Guest Sim contributor.


@Jughandle Guest Sim Contributor and Mod Author


@j27f1981 aka Ghost: Sim redesign and creation. Torrent and CC Management.


@SweetGirl998 Skye Fitness Lot Redesign.


Promo Videos


(Every Sim in the video above is currently in the save)




What's Currently in the save:
=> A recreation of Sims 2's Pleasantview with some of mrrakkon's personal touch as well as some inclusions from prior games such as Sims 1 and 3!

=> The Alto Crime Family headed by Nick Alto. His brother Bert serving as his Consigliere with Alfonzo running the local strip club and buying up businesses around.


=> A host of Foxbury college students. Some taking their studies very seriously, others only looking to party!


=> Plenty of wholesome families to play normally or destroy with salacious activities!


=> Fleshed out Newcrest!


=> Newcrest Thugs run by local rich kid Ronnie!


=> The Rockwell Pornography Empire!


=> The Stars of CinErotique TV


=> Poster Stars of Lurid Studio


=> Diamond Heights Modeling Industry!


=> Neon East Sushi Empire!


=> The Foundry and their new age modernism!


=> Central Station's underground anarchy scene


=> The Streeties, Arties, Nerdies, and Richies from the Urbz Handheld!


=> Familiar faces from Strangetown and Veronaville!


=> A bumping rave scene!


=> Vampires!


=> Werewolves!


=> Dozens of New Clubs!


=> Tons of NPCs and redesigned base Sims 4 households. (Some by me!~)


=> Plenty of hidden easter egg characters from all over. Shhh, don't tell mrrakkon or spoil for others!!!


What to Expect:


More Ubrite Students!


The Simkuza!


15th Street gang!


Skyline Beach crew!

Gasoline Row crew!

Kicktail Park crew!


Southside Dock Crew!


Overhauls to neighborhoods!


More Pets!





A properly made high school ?


Take a look through the photos for a peak at the Sims you can seduce play!


Hard Requirements
Current Version of the Game

15 Clubs Per Sim (Being added in 0.4)

Wicked Whims (Patreon Version Supported)
Basemental Gangs (Patreon Version Supported)
Basemental Drugs (Patreon Version Supported)

Basemental Gambling (Being added in 0.4)

Clubs Improvement Mods (Invite Limit mandatory, the rest suggested) (Being added in 0.4)

Custom Club Activities Project (Being added in 0.4)

Custom Moods for Some Game Moodlets

Dine Out Reloaded (Being added in 0.4)

Hire certain Sims at Restaurants


Little Ms Sam's Retail Overhaul

Lively Towns

Live in Business (Being added in 0.4)

Live in Services (Being added in 0.4)

Lot 51 Core Library

More Selectable Icons

Saleabration Retail System (Being added in 0.4)

The Mood Pack

Universal Venue List

XML Injector
Venue Changes

Working Elevators Everywhere 


Optional Mods

Active Stylist Career (Dropping Support in 0.4)

Auto Employees | Custom Lot Trait (Being added in 0.4)

Arcade Pack  (Functional Objects Only, you can have the rest I'm just not using it.)

Band Life Mod (Being added in 0.4)

Ballet Barre Mod (Dropping Support in 0.4)

Bick Dick Problems

Cello Skill

CinErotique TV  (Watch Cable Porn)
CinErotique's "More Porn to watch on the Computer" (Watch Internet porn)

CinErotique's Sensual Studio (Paint porn) 

Dress Code | Custom Lot Traits (Download the Lot Challenge add-on)

Easel Art Catalog - Paint Anything! (Being added in 0.4)

Entertainer Career Overhaul (Requires) (Dropping Support in 0.4)

Functional Soccer Goal

Functional Tattoo Chair (Being added in 0.4)

Grocery Market Anywhere

Into Music custom Stuff Pack 2023 refresh

Language Barriers

Let's Get Fit Fan Pack (Kicktail Park and most gyms needs this)

Lumpinou’s LGBTQIA+ Mod

Roommates (Download the Lot Challenge version) (Being added in 0.4)

Royal Casino (Dropping support in 0.4)

Tattoo Shop Interactions 

The Hobby Mod (Required) (Required)
The Personality Mod (Required) (Required)

Turbo Careers (Dropping support in 0.4)

Zulf Drumkit

Zulf Mechanical Bull


Suggested Mods

A Very Stupid Mod (Requires) (I just love this mod. Check it out if you want details.)

Followers for Fame

Functional High Striker Carnival Game

Functional Shooting Range

Haunted Locations

Immersive Social Bunny

Into The Void - Voidcritter Gaming Tablet

Keep Sims in Home Region (This is especially useful if you choose to download Language Barriers)
Kuttoe Basemental Addons

Kuttoe Lifetime Quirks

Marksmanship Skill (Being added in 0.4)

Mercury Foam Poledance Mod 

Morning Routine (Seasonal Clothing) OR (Everyday Clothing)

Pizza Preferences

Roburky Fitness Controls

Roburky Meaningful Stories

Skarrds Perverted Expansion Pack

Townie Demographics

Use Telescopes...Indoors!

Venue Memberships and Lot Fees

Vulgar Language for WickedWhims


Animations and Props (The props are not included in the torrents so you will be missing things if you don't download these.)

A. Trois Sex Animations for WW

Azmodan22 Female Strapon Collection
BigBadBunny's Animations (No props, but someone asked for my favorite animation pack)

GreyNaya Animations

Huge Dildo Set
KatsuKitty's Animations for WickedWhims

MOTHERLODESIMS Sex Animations for WhickedWhims

Nevely42's WW Animations


0zzzy Animations

Tools (Mods used specifically for setting up the save)

Always CAS Full Edit Mode On

Always Free Build Mode On

Always Move Objects On

Assign NPC Roles

Better BuildBuy: Organized Debug


CAS Unlocks

Custom Traits in Club Filter

Fashion Police 

MC Command Center

More Columns in CAS

Simulation Unclogger

Teleport Any Sim

Tidy CAS

UI Cheats Extension

Unhidden Traits (You really don't need and shouldn't use this one)


Neat Stuff

Matte backdrops

Map Replacements Overhaul

Simp's GraphicsRules Override

More Vehicle Variations


Tweaks (These are things I use for normal gameplay but primarily for testing. If I didn't use them for testing they'd go in fluff mods.)

ALL In-Game Objects Are Upgraded (Self Explanatory)

Automatic Thermostat (Self Explanatory)

Autonomous First Kiss (Means less micromanaging for me. You probably don't need this.)

Autonomous Share Big News (Just means I don't have to do it)

Autonomous Slippy Slide Tweak (Now they'll only use it in the summer)

Don't Turn NPCs Into Spellcasters (Self Explanatory)

Eco Dishwasher Fixes some dishwasher issues

Faster Winterwear For Snow Activities (Makes sims change into winter wear BEFORE arriving at cold places)

Fire Place Autonomy Tweak (Sims will only light a fire if they're cold)

Get Famous Celeb Fixes & More (Self Explanatory)

Immediate Decorations For Unowned Lots

Just Go to Class (Makes sims get to class on time)

Keep Books After Publishing (Self Explanatory. Good to keep track of books)

Less Autonomous Bath (Makes sims prefer showers with some trait exceptions)

Less Autonomous Grilling (Sims constantly grill and leave food all over the place. This will make it that they only do it during the summer (normal in the USA) and do it at a less rate)

Less Autonomous Espresso Drinking (Not having this would make sims gain weight and dirty up the place)

Less Autonomous Play in Rain (Only Sims with the following traits will play in rain autonomously: toddler, child, childish, goofball, erratic, rain lovers)

Less Autonomous Weather Complaint (Will make sims complain about weather only if they actually dislike the weather. Which I manually input)

Less Dangerous Cast Spells Group Interactions (Stops spellcasters from setting things on fire)

Less Emotion Idles (An annoyance removal)

Less Frequent Prom (Self Explanatory)

Less NPC Market Stall Orders (Often the NPCs will just throw the food on the ground making thing messy.)

Less NPC Grilling (Same as the above but it's also how non-played households get fat)

Less React to Food Smell (Only Foodies and Gluttons will react to smells)

Lightsaber Fix (The game deletes lightsabers from sims if you're not playing them)

Longer Prom (Extends prom by two hours)

Mistletoe Kiss in Winter Only (This annoys the heck out of me)

More Students At High School&Second Cafeteria Vendor (The High School in the save is large and can feel empty without this)

More Visible Wall Objects (Self Explanatory)

No Autonomous Make Icecream on Residential Lots (Sims will often do this and then not eat it. Up to you if you want it)

No Autonomous Make Popcorn on Residential Lots (Same as the above)

No Autonomous Swimming (Self Explanatory)

No Dying Livestock (Self Explanatory)

Normal Hug Is No Crass Act (Stops damaging relationships because someone got a hug)

No Pushups or Situps (Removes an autonomy that messed up intended skills and gives sims muscles when they're not meant to have them)

No Npcs In Wolf Form Except Full Moon (Normal sims being near werewolves tend to freak out.)

Not Sad About Holidays (Self Explanatory)

No Shoes While Swimming (People can wear cool or cute shoes in swimwear but remove it for actually swimming) 

Patients Sit (Makes patients at the hospital sit)

Real Icecream at Seasons Market Stalls (Uses Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack Icecream at stalls)

Reputation Reactions, No Family (Family doesn't freak out at celebrity or reputation status)

Sit At Weddings (Makes sims sit at weddings rather than the random broken EA Behavior)

Sims Change Outfit When Hot or Cold (Self Explanatory)

Spell Fixes (Self Explanatory)

Take It Off: No Shoes! No Accessories! (Sims will take off shoes and other things when they go to sleep or rest)

Thirst Tweak (Only plant sims will take glasses of water from the sink. Only Sims with maxed mixology skill will autonomously start crafting drinks at the bar.)


Traits (Sim Traits are REQUIRED. Lot traits are optional)



Sim Traits

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Beach Lover (Being added in 0.4)

Bipolar Disorder Trait

Borderline Personality Disorder

Dark Emotions Trait

Farmer Trait (Being removed in 0.4)

Feminine & Manly Traits (Being removed in 0.4)

Flirty Trait

Gamer Trait

Girly Girl Trait

Handy Trait

Magickal Trait (Being added in 0.4)

Major Depressive Disorder

More Traits (Being added in 0.4)

New Emotional Traits

New Hobby Traits

New Spa Day Traits

New Traits Pack (More Traits) (Being added in 0.4)
Photographer's Eye Trait

Pretty Girl Trait

Seducer Trait (Being added in 0.4)

Silver Spoon (Being added in 0.4)

Spoiled (Being removed in 0.4)

Tomboy Trait

Traits by Scarlet

Vegan Trait (Being added in 0.4)


Reward Traits

Bigfoot Trait 

Blind Trait

Fearless Reward Trait

Hopeless Romantic

Piercing Enthusiast (Being added in 0.4)

Mute Trait


Requires Wicked Whims

Delicious Dick and Pussy Traits (I use Straight version due to group sex bug)

False Hope Bimbo Trait

False Hope CAS Preferences Porn

False Hope CAS Preferences Sex

False Hope Fuckboy Trait

False Hope Horny Trait

False Hope Pregnancy Glow

False Hope Sex Addict

False Hope Slut Trait

False Hope Tight Trait



Lot Traits

Archaeology Camp Site Lot Trait

Arcade Trait

Bakery (Removing in 0.4)

Ballet Studio (Removing in 0.4)

Beach House Trait

Beauty Salon Trait (Removing in 0.4)

Campground Trait

Casino Trait

City Hall Trait 

Gallery Trait

Graduation Lot Trait (Adding in 0.4)

Graveyard Lot Trait (Adding in 0.4)

Grocery Store Lot Trait

Ice Cream Parlor Lot Trait

Laundromat Lot Trait

Modeling Agency

Music Studio Trait

Office Lot Trait

Photo Studio Trait

Prom Lot Trait (Adding in 0.4)

UFO Hot Spot Lot Challenge (Adding in 0.4)

Shopping Mall Lot Trait (Adding in 0.4)

Ski Lodge Lot Trait

Theatre Lot Trait



(The following are 100% optional but as someone in the psychology field, I feel that they add to the "realism" that many have praised this save for.)

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Self Harm Trait

Online Therapy Session

Book Therapy Session


Custom Careers Used


Adventurer Career

Adult Careers (Dropping Support in 0.4)

Adult Work Enterprises - Escort Career (Being added in 0.4)

Adult Work Enterprises - Pornography Career

Archaeologist Career

Art Gallery Owner (Requires)

Auto Service Career
Banker (Requires)

Body Piercer (Being added in 0.4)

Business Owner (Optional)

Celebrity Manager

Computer Hardware Engineer
Construction (Requires)

Circus Career
Dancer Career

Driver Career

Electrical Engineer

Equestrian Career

Farmer (Optional)
Fashion Designer (Requires)

Fortune Teller Career (Being added in 0.4)

Healer (Being added in 0.4)

Ice Cream Manager Career (Being added in 0.4)

Long Distance Truck Driver Career (Alternative)

Maid Café Career (Being added in 0.4)

Make Up Artist (Being added in 0.4)

Media Production

Mental Health Career (Required)

Model Career

Music Artist

Nectar Maker
News Anchor (Requires) (Optional)

Nascar Career (Required)

National Spouse (Being added in 0.4)
Nursing (Requires)

Part-Time Careers Bundle (Being added in 0.4)

Professional Athlete Career
Private Teacher (Requires)

Plopsy Seller

Public Welfare

Publisher Career (Requires)

Real Estate (Requires)

Remote Office Assistant Career (Being added in 0.4)
Restaurant Owner (Optional)

Rock Star Career (Dropping Support in 0.4)

Slacker Part Time Career (Dropping Support in 0.4)

Stay-at-home-Parent (Optional)

Street Hustler (Being added in 0.4)

Street Racer Career (Being added in 0.4)

Stuntman Career

Tattoo Artist (Being added in 0.4)
Tutor Career

Ultimate Music (Being added in 0.4)

Ultimate Teen Careers: Movie Theater Operations (Being added in 0.4)

University Student
Vampire Life Career

Veterinary Technician Career

Video Game Developer

Wandmaker (Being added in 0.4)

Woodworker Career



NPC Careers (These let you play as some sims listed as NPCs while not ruining things for other households)

Bartender Careers + Werewolf NPCs 

Bar Regular Career

Barista Career

Butler Career

Cottage Living Careers + NPCs

Dine Out Careers

Fire Fighter Career

Get Famous Careers

High School Years Careers and NPCs

Horse Ranch Careers + NPCs

House DJ Career

Jungle Adventure NPC Definition

Librarian Career

Outdoor Retreat Career and NPCs

Maid Career

Mail Carrier

Nanny Career

NPC Dine Out / Retail / Vet Careers

NPC Fisherman Career

Pizza Delivery Career

Pollinator Career

Realm of Magic NPC Definition

Repair and Landlord Career

StrangerVille Careers + NPCs

Gym Trainer Career


After School Activities

(Each of these are also Get Together Clubs if for some reason you don't want to download them)

After-School Activities: Athletics Team (Teen) (Being added in 0.4)

After-School Activities: Drums (Being added in 0.4)

After-School Activities: Guitar (Being added in 0.4)

After-School Activities: Singing (Being added in 0.4)

After-School Activities: Violin (Being added in 0.4)
Basketball Club (Make sure to download the CC)

Cooking Club Afterschool Activity (Requires)

Dance Club
Debate Club

School Newspaper - Afterschool Activity

Soccer Team (Being added in 0.4)

Swim Team

Volleyball Team (Being added in 0.4)

Yearbook Club



Odd-Jobs (Optional but highly suggested)

Odd-Jobs Part 1

Odd-Jobs Part 2

False Hope Pose Nude



Sims listed as NPCs, or the "Townie" households, do have assigned functions. It is best not to play as them unless you have gauntlet's mods.


Homeless sims who do not have NPC in their household name are fine to move into any lot if you wish to play them.

Support has been given to all expansion, game, and stuff packs. Kits are entirely unsupported as neither myself nor mrrakkon own kits.


The save uses the Patreon version of Whicked Whims, Basemental Drugs, Gangs and Gambling. Not having these won't negatively affect you. Some minor traits and skills will be missing though.



Download the hard requirements. 


Optional: Download the Optional Mods


Suggested: Download the Suggested Mods


Download the torrents from this page.


Make sure to download ALL torrents if you've never downloaded before.


Use the torrent files to download the CC folders.

Drag their contents into your mod folder. Everything has been pre-sorted for your leisure.


Optional: Check the explanation on "Culling" in the FAQ. It's the first one.


Download the save from this page.


Place it in your save folder.


Double check that all mods are up to date.


Delete the "localthumbcache.package" file located in your Sims 4 folder 


Play the Game.


If you did not follow these instructions, I will publicly call you dumb.


I cannot offer support for mods not listed



Q. Why are sims missing and where are all these easter egg sims you mentioned?

A. They were likely Culled, AKA removed from the save by EA's system. Before loading up the save. Download MC Command Center and place it in your mod folder. Make or load up a save unrelated to this one. Play a household on a lot with a computer. Activate the computer and follow this path. "MCCC > MC Population > Other Settings > Bypass Sim Culling" set it to "True." Save your game, restart it, then load up the save downloaded from this page. The game should no longer delete easter egg and pre-made NPC sims. 


Q. What mods are used in the save?

A. Everything listed under Hard Requirements, Optional, Suggested, Tools, and Tweaks.

Q: What does Hard Requirements mean?
A: Hard Requirements are fundamental mods the save was built around. Things will not work without them unless stated otherwise.


Q. What are Optional Mods?

A. Optional mods are mods used in the save that can be removed without breaking anything too severely. They are still highly encouraged as many things are affected by them and you will get error notifications if you don't have them downloaded.


Q: What are Suggested mods?

A: Mods that make my life easier in both playing the game and setting up this save. They can be safely ignored as what they do won't affect your game in any major way if it's missing. Though they are good mods that I suggest you use.


Q. What are Suggested Animations and Props?

A. Animation packs I use that come with props that I place throughout the save. The objects are not in the torrents.


Q. What are tools?
A. Stuff I used in making the save. Not technically needed. I don't advise you use most of them.


Q. What are tweaks?

A. Things that remove annoyances while testing. I explain what they do in their section.


Q. What's neat stuff?

A. Stuff that genuinely doesn't affect your game beyond visual aesthetics. I like them. They're 100% optional.


Q: The game says things are missing when I load in.

A: You most likely didn't download suggested, optional, or the career mods. Maybe a game pack or two.


Q. Can you share your tray files?

A. No. Save them to your gallery from this save.


Q. Why are the sims naked?
A. You didn't follow the instructions and download proper folders or you may not own one of the packs used in the save's creation. Do not go to mrrakkon's page as many of his sims on that page and in the save are different versions with different CC.


Q. Do I have to download the trait mods?

A. No, but you'll have sims missing one or all of their traits.


Q. Some of the sims don't line up with what I've seen in their creator's threads.

A. Read this.


Q. Can I be a guest contributor? 

A. Probably not. All guest contributors are associates of @GhostJ27F or @mrrakkonn


Edited by TriggerBlade

What's New in Version 2.3   See changelog


Uploaded fixed torrent file.

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