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This is a full-time career for Young Adult through Elder Sims. It is designed to have professional-style working hours with them being during the day and not on weekends. Kleptomaniac sims will see a benefit to the items they can bring home. There is only one track for this career. As of version 1.3.0, there is also a Production career that has work from home assignments. Sims who have reached level 5 of the Acting career can sign up to receive gifts in the mail. Starting with version 2.0.0, Sims at career level 5 or higher can go to a lot of type "AWE Porn Studio" for an active career. You will need to assign this lot type to a lot in the world, to be able to use the Active career functionality. The career info PDF included in the download will always have the most information in one place. It is best to keep everything inside of the AWE folder when installing.


Sims with the Sexually Abstinent or Fears Nudity traits cannot join the career. Sims will need to gain skill points in Photography, Charisma, Naturism or Exhibitionism, and Acting. Certain levels will require a certain level of fame in order to get a promotion. See the documentation in the download file for more information.


The mod has been played and tested with version 1.105.332


Current Scenes at Studio:

  • Repairman
  • Athlete
  • Doctor
  • Special Delivery

Current Events Outside Studio:

  • Fan Meet & Greet
  • Fuck a Fan
  • Streaming


Make sure to delete AWE-PornRabbitHole if updating from an earlier version to avoid conflicts.


Required: Lot 51 Core Library is required.  Also, WickedWhims is required. The Acting skill from the Get Famous expansion pack is used in this mod. The Active Career will require Get to Work and a venue list. Either Zerbu's venue list found here or Basemental's venue list found here.

Recommended: Fashion Authority, CinErotique, and Big Dick Problems to get the fullest experience.


Please support the mod on Patreon to help continue development.



Thanks to Lot 51 for the core library, and frankk for Sims 4 Toolkit for Visual Studio Code.


Credit to @mrrakkonn for the lot seen in the screen shot and to @Tibo131 for the poster seen in it.



  • I can not assign "AWE Porn Studio" to a lot. What could be causing this?
    • A compatible venue list must be installed. Having more than one venue list installed will cause conflicts. As of September 11, 2023, the only compatible venue lists are the ones made by Zerbu and Basemental. If you insist on using a different venue list, you will have to wait until its creator updates it.
  • I managed to get to the AWE Porn Studio, how do I pick a scene to shoot?
    • On a computer, under the "AWE" pie menu, there is an option to pick what scene to shoot for that day.
  • I successfully assigned the lot type. Why is my Sim not getting messages to travel to the lot to work?
    • The Sim must be at level 5 or higher of the career and the "Get To Work" expansion pack must be installed for the Sim to be eligible to participate in the career events.
  • I have picked a scene. What do I do now?
    • The top row of goals is the "plot" for the scene. The other goals help you gain fame or stay alive.
  • I have XML Injector but nothing is showing up on a computer.
    • Use of XML Injector has been removed from the mod. Lot51 core now handles the XML injections.




1_AWE-PornCareer_GER_DE.package 1_AWE-PornCareer_SPA_ES.package

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What's New in Version 2.4.0   See changelog


AWE Core 1.0.2 - updated for some new WW traits

AWE Porn 2.4.0 - A scene as a police officer and a scene without any plot requirements

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