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Colorful Wit - Fusion Girl 1.0.0

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About This File

Casual Outfit ported from DOA Venus Vacation.



-Fusion Girl


-Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (Optional, Recommended): Included meshes are zero sliders, you need to build the outfit in bodyslide to fit it to your preset.




Donwload the file, install with any mod manager. Make sure the esp is active. (It's esl flagged so it won't take max esp space).


To fit the outfit to your body shape open bodyslide and build all items in the group "Colorful Wit FG" with your FG preset.




T-Shirt, Underwear, Collar and Shoes as separate pieces.


It has no armor value but add some special stats and can be upgrade with ballistic and miscellaneus weave. Also can be legendary upgrade, provide you have a mod that add legendary modification.


T-Shirt and Underwear have diferent apparences to choose at armor workbench.


Everything can be build at chem station under the category "Colorful Wit".




-DOA venus vacation




-Don't use any assets here for any commercial or paywalled purposes.

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