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Xavier's Clothing - Fusion Girl Bodyslide Files 1.0.0

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About This File

Fusion Girl Bodyslide Files 1.75+ (1.80 cv) for some of Xavier's clothing mods. (Original mods required). At the moment covers Leifang, Chojiyoon and Claire Officer.




-Fusion Girl


-Bodyslide and Outfit Studio


-Fallout 4 High Heels System


And the original file/s for the conversion/s you want, of course:


-Xavier's DOA5 Leifang 1.0.0


-Xavier's ChoJiYoon Outfit 1.0.0


-Xavier'RE2Remake Claire Sexy Officer 1.0.0




Install with any mod manager. Open bodyslide, build the Fusion Girl version of the outfit with any FG preset you fancy. Fusion Girl versions outfits have the original outfit name with FG at the end.




Xavier19870828: For doing all this ports.


Look for more FG outfit in the FG official armour  and clothing here in loverslab



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