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SexLab - Solutions 2013-10-19 OUTDATED 0.021B

About This File

The "new" mod SexLab Solutions V2 (SSv2) has taken over for this one. SSv2 has a lot more content and is actively (Well it depends on how much I am home or out traveling) developed. If you like this mod, I bet you will like SSv2 even more! (Especially once that gets MCM too)



This is a simple mod aiming at using sex as a way to handle some quests.

There are now a few quests modified by this:


- "The Golden Claw" (Male)

- "Few And Far Between" (Male and female) (Requires Speechcraft to succeed 30/40/50, no check on rape(But it will fail the quest!)

If you talk to Eirik by the smith in Riften, you can now get 20 deathbells by helping him out. (will add for the other ingredients in a later release)

- "A Few Words With You"

- "A Cornered Rat"

- "The Lover's Requital"

- "J'zargo's Experiment"

- Riften Gate Guards (very easy persuade)

- Whiterun Gate Guards ( very easy persuade)

- Riften Jail Guard (very easy persuade)

- Dirge

- "Erik The Slayer" - convince Mralki to buy armor

- Beggars - Male players can pay 10 gold for a blowjob.

- Random Thieves (easy persuade)

- Aspiring Mage (easy persuade) Use the nice option and after you can offer sex for the staff.

- Nivenor (Male only) - After she has commented that if your looking for company, she could do worse.. You can talk to her, go somewhere private and you can then choose what to do.

- Ahlam (Male only) - same as Nivenor

- "Odmund's Request" - Have sex with Enthir to avoid dungeoncrawl (Easy persuade)

- "Before the Storm" (Female) - have sex with Ralof or Hadvar when you say you will join them.

- Cidhna Mines (Mostly female) - plenty of sex oppurtunities, plenty of being raped.

- "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine"

- Maul (Give him a blowjob to start your friendship)

- Hot Springs Hunters (They are just mindless sex robots now, but I welcome suggestions on how to flesh em out!)

- "The Foresworn Conspiracy" - sex as a bargain for two of the keys.

- "Diplomatic Immunity" (Female) - Going naked now works as a disguise and the guards will not bother you.

- "Forgetting About Fjola" - Fjola will now give additional incentive...

- "Bothela's Discreet Delivery" - Help him test out the potion after delivering it.

- "Brelyna's Practice" - Tell her she will need to work hard to make this up to you...

- Suvaris. One scene should now end up with her getting raped. This is my first try on scenes, so needs testing!

- "Caught Red Handed" - New way to get marks

- "A Scroll For Anska" (Male) - Have fun with Anska as much as you want through the whole dungeon.

- "The Mind Of Madness" - Talk to Erdi for males and Una for females

- "The Spiced Wine" - convince her to deliver the spices.



Now there is so much content in this plugin that I want to focus on the quality of the content.

I will be making a thread in SexLab forums where you will find a .txt document you can download. This will include all the dialogue in this mod. I will need suggestions for improvement and variety. I hope as many as possible will help me out with this.

I have now moved this plugin from Alpha to Beta stage since it seems it is mostly not destroying savegames.. And I stress the word mostly!

But to keep this going forward I am going to need some help.

If you want MCM anytime soon, I need someone who can make a MCM script for this since it will take a long time for me to learn it at this stage.

Also I need someone willing to make some lines for the plugin. If I am to make all the lines they will be much the same and in the end quite boring! I need several different categories: Romantic, Dirty, Funny and so on. And once I get a MCM script up and running people can choose for themselves how NPCs and the PC are going to behave.

And in the end I would really love to have a voice actor or two, because it would make the plugin that much better!


I have not personally tested all of these as it takes a lot of time to test it all. I am completely dependant on good feedback from you!

More quests will be added when I have time and feel that the changes I have made have not resulted in anything game breaking.


As of right now this does not give you any benefits apart from having some pixel porn. Maybe you save some time, but to be honest I think this setup takes longer than just doing it the way you are supposed to do it.


Also, please give me feedback on quests/situations that you think would be suitable to be solved like this.

Feedback must include:

1. Name of quest

2. A description on how you think it should play out (dialogue, where in the quest)

3. Name of NPCs in the quest you think should be exstorting you


Feedback with this included would be good:

1. Written dialogue so that it is better than my attempts.

2. Should sex really solve the situation? Or do you end up getting used? Or should it be a certain chance? What should the chance be based on?

3. Plus any other additional information.






I am new to papyrus and I am still learning. Very advanced scenarios will probably be put in the bottom of the pile...


I change original dialogue! This can lead to unwanted behavior from your game.

Do not use on a save you can't lose! It is still in Beta!

Any other mod that changes the quests I have changed here will conflict!




- SexLab and SexLab's requirements


Previous Updates (Changelog):




- Initial Alpha Release



- Added a reward for male characters after completing "the Golden Claw"



- Added all the scripts.

- "The Straw That Broke" now has a happy or not so happy ending... (untested)



- Removed references to the Dragonborn by popular demand.

- Added "Few and Far Between" where you can set conditions for helping.

- Also Added an option where you deliver the marks in "Caught Red Handed"



- Added a 24h cooldown on Camilla after "The Golden Claw".

- You can now demand a blowjob from Saadia if you agree to the quest "In My Time Of Need"

- Guards can be persuaded to release the prisoner for some sexual favors, also "In My Time Of Need"



- "A Few Words With You": Added sex as an option with easier speech check for Mikael, Ranmir, Irnskar, Mulush and Torbjorn.

- "A Cornered Rat": Added sex as an option when you don't get the information right away anyways.



- The Lover's Requital: demand sex to keep the secret.

- J'zargo's experiment: He will comfort you depending on your race and sex. Only vanilla races supported.

- In My Time Of Need: I have redone the way it works with the guards. This is an attempted bugfix (Untested)


0.10B :

- Removed "In My Time Of Need" - It wasn't working.

- Removed "The Straw That Broke" - It wasn't working.

- Removed "Caught Red Handed" - It conflicted with another SexLab mod.

- Updated "The Golden Claw" - More dialogue options.

- Updated "A Few Words With You"

- Updated "Few And Far Between"

- Added Riften Gate Guards

- Added Whiterun Gate Guards

- Added Riften Jail Guard

- Added Dirge - when you ask about his name

- Added Mralki - convince him to buy armor

- Added Beggars



- Added Sex to Random Thieves

- Added Sex to Aspiring Mage

- Added Nivenor



- Bugfix Nivenor



- Added Ahlam, same as Nivenor

- Added Odmund's request - (Enthir)

- Updated "Few And Far Between" - You can now talk to Eirik by the smith to get deathbells (Female)



- Small bugfix



- Small bugfix



- Ahlam should now work as intended

- "Before the Storm" (female) - you can now have sex with Ralof or Hadvar when they ask if your going to join their side.

- Added lots of sex to Cidhna Mines, not finished yet, but should be many possible sex scenes.



- Added "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine" (Completing my work on Cidhna Mine)

- Maul

- Hotspring Hunters



- Bugfixes

- Added "The Foresworn Conspiracy"

- Added a change to the scene "Cornerclub scene 2" where Suvaris gets talked down to. Should now end with Suvaris getting raped.

- Added "Diplomatic Immunity"

- Added "Forgetting About Fjola"

- Added "Bothela's Discreet Delivery"

- Added "Brelyna's Practice"



- Added "Caugth Red Handed"

- Added "A Scroll For Anska"

- Added "The Mind Of Madness"

- Added "The Spiced Wine"



- Minor bugfixes



What's New in Version 0.021B


  • 0.21B
  • - Added MCM Support
  • - Added gay toggle to most quests.
  • - Added Race toggle to Jzargo's Request
  • - Added Rape toggle to quests where it applies.

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