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  1. Yes, I started playing skyrim again. No, I should not have started. It led to me making a small mod... and not to me playing... The mod is for SSE only! I do not know if opening it and saving it in creation kit for oldrim will work. I don't play oldrim. Also, female only. Yes I know it sucks. Such is life tho. A small addon to soulutions. I have not tested all of it yet, but feel free to use it. Will only update if there are any errors in it. - covers most of Missing in Action quest - you can get Jon Battle-Born to give you the missive by having sex with him. - General Tullius might give you orders to release Thorald if you have sex with him. - Enthir can now give you fake orders if you well, not to repeat myself, but yeah.. have sex with him. -There might even be some sex stuff with the guard at the keep if you play your cards right. - If you want tullius or enthir orders to work you have to do the mission alone(you can have followers, but not the gray-mane people)!! Anyone is free to use this as they wish. It might be broken. It might work. I have no idea. I have no plans to expand on it. Please add it to solutions if you wish. It has no mcm or other fancy stuff. I just hope it works as intended. I can't be bothered to try all routes. I don't even know why I wrote all the routes. SexLab Solutions Addons.7z
  2. Will this mod work for SE, or actually can you make it work for SE?

  3. Thanks for showing some love to this mod. I really haven't had time to mod for a while (been away from home for a few months), and don't feel ready to start modding again quite yet (and if I start again it would be niuce to start on something new )
  4. So bored I really want to make mods, but too tired to even think about reinstalling a game to start modding it... Also I don't really feel in the mood to talk to people(apart form on the internet where I can make statements and not have to actually bother to follow the conversation from there).
  5. Mine was there when I made the account. Or did they change it when we went to new pages? Anyway, it needs very little explanation.
  6. He has an average post count of over 10 per day.. I don't even pass 1 per day..
  7. Hopefully this will inspire some other people to donate old PC parts to the community. And all the ones that didn't get now can get then! All I have left now is a 9800GTX, 768MB, and that's not really worth giving away...
  8. And then it is congratulations to Zaz! He gets a Gainward GTX680 and a Corsair 650W PSU
  9. Okey, all entries before this post will be in the raffle. The way I picked a winner: 1. Everyone who has asked to be a part of it gets a number. 2. Everyone who has got a support topic from someone else gets an extra number. 3. Everyone that has (In my opinion) a really shitty card gets an extra number. 4. Everyone that has made mods/been part of a mod project gets an extra number. 5. One person has offered to pass on a good enough card in a similar raffle and get's an extra number. So the first post after this that gives me a number between 1 and 29 will have picked the winner!
  10. I will send it anywhere in the world and pay for postage(If you want it sent to the Internation Space Station or somewhere similar, you have to arrange the transport of it yourself).
  11. Okey, just to make this exciting I will add a 650W PSU, if you don't need it for the GPU it will go to someone else.
  12. I have decided to get the new GeForce GTX 970, so I have a spare screen card! Reply here and tell me if it is something you need. I will pick one person, probably at random, that will get my old GTX 680 for free! I will select the lucky winner in a couple of days. Click here to see info about card I will only select from replies here, not from personal messages. I also have a 650W PSU if needed to run the graphics card.
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