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Kendo 2's HDT High Heeled Boots for UNP

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About This File

HDT vanilla-based boots meant for UNP and bare legs. Matching world models are included.


The boots are craftable under whatever category is obvious and can be improved at the armorer's bench. Each pair of boots has their own height/foot position so you'll need to adjust each pair in the HDT High Heel System MCM. A good median starting range is 4.5 on the first configuration slot.


Note: Because of how the HDT High Heel System works, the boots cannot be enchanted (they already have a 'spell' on them) or improved without the Arcane Smithing Perk. That is a legacy of the framework so just deal with it.


If you're looking for more boots, Cross Crusade has a few decent ones and Tiwa has some really nice models in her Minidresses mod. They are not HDT.


Disclaimer: There was some blubbering in another upload thread about what skeleton I use (XP32) so I addressed that with this mod and used the vanilla skeleton. If that doesn't make it easy enough for the Outfit Studio and Body Slide crowd then tough shit. I mod for myself and there will be no more concessions. Use what I use or don't download.


Credits: I made the models from vanilla assets so I get all of the credit.


Permissions: Not a resource at this time. No conversions for CBBE/OutfitStudio/BodySlide allowed. Nothing I make may be hosted at Nexus.


02 February 2015
K2 HDT Boots v 1.00 uploaded. Previous versions and updates removed. New images added.
*If you have a previous version installed, simply download and replace. Nothing has been altered other than fixes and new meshes.


Effective 13 March 2016
I will no longer be providing mod support or otherwise communicating publicly on Lover’s Lab. All support questions and other comments will be handled HERE. My absence from Lover's Lab either by accident or design is not to be interpreted as permission to use my uploaded content as resource material. This shall commence immediately, effective 13 March 2016.

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