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Devious Heatrise (DHr) is a Devious Device content mod themed around temperature-controlled plugs.


Main Content

  • 18 unique, individually unlockable, temperature-controlled plugs. (All plugs can only be used by the player character.)
  • A replayable training quest with 35 different trials (punishments) wearing an advanced chastity belt.
  • A progression system allowing the player to level up temperature tolerance skills. (Yes this will increase fire/frost resistance in combat.)

I don't want to spoil the content. You should give it a try, if you are interested in plugs and/or training wearing chastity belts.



  • Skyrim Special Edition or Skyrim Legendary Edition*
    • *Regarding LE compatibility: I have not done any testing on LE. However as informed by HexBolt8 (who has performed some preliminary tests), after some minor tweaking (which I already did), this mod should work on LE as is. Nevetheless, please let me know if anything goes wrong.
  • Devious Device 5.0 and its requirements (4.3 or lower will NOT work)
    • Updating from Devious Device 4.3 is not officially supported by Devious Device. It may or may not cause problems. Someone with a save file which was made with Devious Device 4.3 encountered issues (training gear not being equipped properly) after updating to Devious Device 5.0 and starting to use Devious Heatrise. They also noted that a clean save file works as intended. (However, at this point, no one really knows if this issue is caused by updating Devious Device. This may very well be caused by a bug with Devious Heatrise.)
  • (Optionally) Frostfall SE (with its unofficial SE patch) or Frostfall LE
    • If Installed, wearing a heating plug can warm you up, while wearing a cooling plug will, unfortunately, cool you down


How to Start

You need go to Whiterun and talk to Arcadia. If this mod is installed correctly, she should have an dialogue option "(Devious Heatrise) Can you train my body's temperature tolerance?" This will get you started with Devious Heatrise's training quest. At the end of the training, one of the 18 plugs will be gifted (and unlocked). The training quest is designed to take a long time (at minimum 10 in game days, though adjustable in MCM) without demanding too much from the player. It is advised to play the training quest while doing other regular quests.


At the same time, it is also possible to register the plugs from Devious Heatrise into Devious Device's item library using the option available in MCM (they will be added to related LevedItems entries). In that case, if you have mods that equip the player character with devices from that library, plugs from Devious Heatrise will appear as well. However, if a plug has never been gifted by Arcadia (a.k.a. not unlocked), it will disappear once you take it out of your body. This way, registering Devious Device's plugs will not break the regular progression with the training quest.



How do I use degree Fahrenheit instead of degree Celsius?

You can change the unit in the MCM menu. It is the first option in the "Common" tab.


Why are the units displayed as "C"/"F" instead of properly as "°C"/"°F"?

Because Skyrim apparently does not have the "°" symbol. If I put that character in, it will just display gibberish instead.


How do I terminate the training quest?

You can forcefully terminate the quest by going to MCM menu. It is located in the "Training Quest" tab.

Alternatively, you can use the "Terminate DD quests" in the "Debug" tab of Devious Device's MCM. Devious Heatrise listens for the termination signal and will stop the quest correctly. (It might report a couple errors regarding not able to find some devices. If so, it is normal, as Devious Device has already removed those.)


Something something LORE something something

Yeah whatever. I don't know any lore of Skyrim. I didn't even finish the game. I came for the adult content, and stayed for the adult content.


How do I check my temperature tolerance skills' levels?

For now, the only way to check them is to go to MCM. They are listed in the "Skills" tab.


Why there be so lot grammatically error or splleing erorrs?

English is not my first language. If you have specific suggestions on how to improve the writings of this mod, please let me know.


Can I suggest new features?

Yes, absolutely. (See this Trello board for what are already suggested.)


How can I report bugs?

You can report bugs by replying to this thread. However, before you report, please make sure you are using the latest version of this mod. Also, if you are using LE, please note it in the report. Thanks. (See this Trello board for what are already reported.)


Are these really frequently asked questions?

No. In fact, none of these questions have been asked. I just scratched my head and came up with these.


Why did you implement the transcend functionality for those temperature tolerance skills?

Well, the reason is that I played a lot of Devious Training. However, I noticed, it is always that at one point, my levels are so high, that the buffs from those devices rendered me almost invincible. I don't like that. I want those devices to punish me, instead of making me stronger. With that mindset, I implemented the transcend functionality, so it provides an incentive for the players to zero out their skills and relive the days when the plugs are still torturous to them.


Why do I keep lose stamina/health/magicka when wearing those temperature-controlled plugs?

When the temperature of the plugs are too high/too low for you, you will start to lose stamina/health/magicka. The amount to lose can be configured in the MCM menu under the "Advanced" tab.


Why do those plugs constantly drain my stamina/health/magicka, instead of just apply a debuff?

Because I want the effect of those plugs to feel strong. Constantly draining stamina/health/magicka will keep on reminding the player that those incredibly uncomfortable plugs exist.


Why do those plugs only work with the player character?

It is mainly due to technical limitations. I have not figured out a way to effectively store and update a large amount of temperature controlled plugs.


What if other mods equip some NPCs with Devious Heatrise's plugs?

If my script works correctly, those plugs should disappear immediately when they are equipped.


Why is Devious Device 5.0 required?

Because Devious Device 5.0 fixed a bunch of bugs. I don't want to support a version with bugs that will never be fixed.


How heavy is Devious Heatrise, script-wise?

It should not be that heavy. As an added bonus, it will put itself to sleep if no device from Devious Heatrise is worn.


What should I do if I accidently exited out the checkup dialogue?

You can talk to Arcadia again and choose the "(Devious Heatrise) I came for the checkup." It should resume the checkup from where you left off.


Why do two vibration events sometimes start simultaneously?

Since Devious Heatrise requires finer control over the vibrations of the plugs (Vibrate until orgasm, for example), it is not possible to use Devious Device's VibrateEffect. Therefore, Devious Heatrise uses its own vibration controller. That said, Devious Heatrise tries really hard to work with Devious Device, so that Devious Device's vibrations and Devious Heatrise's vibrations will not start at the same time. To prevent Devious Device from starting a vibration event when Devious Heatrise' vibrations are going, Devious Heatrise tricks Devious Device into thinking a vibration of its own is currently running. However, it is still possible that, under some super rare circumstances, Devious Device will "untrick" itself and therefore start a vibration event despite the one from Devious Heatrise is still in process.



AreaGamer has made a German translation for this mod. You can find it in the downloads list (alongside the main mod).


If you know another language and you are interested in translating Devious Heatrise, please go ahead. I will be very grateful.



Version Notes/Bug Tracker/Feature Queue

In an effort to make the development process more organized, I have created this Trello board. You can view what has changed/what is currently being worked on/what is on the queue there.



  • Devious Device Team: For all the models, textures, base scripts, and other art resources
  • Kimy: I used some code and textures from her mod Deviously Cursed Loot:
    • I used the texture of the cursed belt in Deviously Cursed Loot for the training belt in Devious Heatrise. (The creator of this texture is not listed in the credits section, therefore I assume it is created by Kimy)
    • I copied the code for undressing the player from Deviously Cursed Loot into my mod under the file dhrVendor.psc.
  • My friend slimeter11: For creating the cover art.
  • AreaGamer: For the German translation.
  • Everyone in the comments section providing suggestions and bug reports
    • I am sorry I can't list all the names here because 1) it is really hard to track and 2) I am afraid that I will accidently leave someone out.



Files listed in the Credits section belong to their respective creators and are licensed separately. Code written by me (everything other than dhrVendor.psc) is licensed under GPLv3. Other non-code resources (for example, the .esp file) are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.


Old Versions


Old versions are provided for preservation/development purposes. Please DO NOT use them in your actual play throughs as they may contain game-breaking bugs.



Devious Heatrise V1.0.zip[Patch] German translations by AreaGamer for Devious Heatrise V1.0.zip


What's New in Version V1.1


See this Trello board for update notes.

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