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  1. Thank you, I've just looked at it, but dialogs like in SLS to start the event dens blowjob I'm missing somehow.
  2. As far as I know there is a function in Sexlab Survival with which you can decide when you give a blowjob to a male being that you can swallow the cum. This then also has an effect on the hunger level of mods such as INeed. Unfortunately, SLS has a lot of functions that I do not like, so I'm looking for a similar mod that also ensures that you can suck males to satisfy you hunger / thirst. Does such a mod exist?
  3. This file contains strings that are displayed at the top left of the screen for certain actions of your mod. The translation of these strings has led to the fact that I got the error from DD. In my new translation to version 1.1 I have not translated this date.
  4. Update of the german translation to version 1.1, plus some little changes. Devious Heatrise V1.1 - german translation.rar
  5. Is there a function that integrates with Cum Guzzling mods like INeed and similar, which satisfies the hunger even with frequent sperm consumption? If not that would be a great feature that you might want to implement, and alternative to SLS.
  6. This must come from the dhrTrainingBeltScript file since "Desire", "Horny", and "Desperate" are integrated there, as far as I can see. Unfortunately there are so many screen messages integrated that it would be a pity not to translate them. You probably mean that you want to hard code it in version 1.2 and not in version 1.1?
  7. So the armors I have tested it on do not have the keyword DD key "noHide". and also the settings in the MCM look to me like on the second MCM picture you posted.
  8. I am 100% sure that the armor uses slot 32 and the piercings 51, because I checked it. And with devices from DD that use slot 32 it doesn't work either.
  9. I have the problem that when I put a climax key in the whooping belt DD script shows me ERRORs.
  10. So the idea of the mod I really like also that with the transformations in individual withdrawals. But could you please, for the people who have a bit of knowledge, the pnd files available, so that you can also use his own body texture, and so can customize the textures themselves? That would be really great!
  11. You updated your update description today but did not upload a new file, is that intentional or an oversight?
  12. I don't really plan to make a separate post for the translation, just post an update here in the support section if you extend the mod or if I get any bug reports. And I would even invite you to add the translation to the description.
  13. It's works: nipple piercings is hidden if you wear a body. How are effect on your game? Well, it affects my game in that my char wears body armor (slot 32) and the nipple piercings (slot 51) are not hidden but still visible.(See pictures) pictures:
  14. The changes to your latest version sound really fantastic, now if you can just add SMP physics to the chains and such, the mod will be perfect. Thanks for doing the work to port and improve this mod. Quick question, since I have not yet installed the mod. What slot use the nipple piercing? I only ask because DD uses slot 51 and I wanted to know if it is the same slot.
  15. I have a problem, I just istalliert the mod and now my character runs as if he had put on a yoke or as if her hands were tied. what can this be? I have found that it is due to FNIS Sexy Move, is there a fix for it? or does anyone know a good alternative to FNIS Sexy Move? And another thing "Devieces underneath" doesn't seem to work for me, by default it is set to hide slot 51 when slot 32 is occupied. But this is unfortunately not the case.
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